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Watch: Azealia Banks Goes on Twitter Tirade After Troye Sivan's Comments About Her

Thursday Sep 13, 2018
Troye Sivan on "Watch What Happens Live!"
Troye Sivan on "Watch What Happens Live!"  (Source:YouTube Still)

Troye Sivan recently stopped by Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live!" where the out pop singer was asked about controversial rapper Azealia Banks, later sparking her to go on a Twitter tirade.

Cohen applied the pressure to the "Bloom" singer during their chat last week. The host asked Sivan about his feud with Banks, and the singer responded by saying it's "not even a thing." He went on to explain he wanted to collab with the "212" rapper, but had conflicting feelings about her.

"I mean, I was a huge Azealia Banks fan, but that all went south a little bit," he told Cohen. "It's just one of those annoying things where you just wanna support [her] so bad and it just doesn't work out like that."

Cohen then asked Sivan what he'd do if he was "stuck in an elevator with her, what would you say to her?"

"It's weird because there was, like, a -- it's not even a thing -- but there was a little thing," the singer explained. "But I would just say, like 'Hey, I love your music,' 'cause I do."

Sivan's comments apparently did not sit well with Banks, who took to Twitter days after his interview to ran about him.

"The white gays are obsessed," she wrote alongside a clip of the interview. "Give it a rest already. Honestly... shit is mad annoying."

Banks added: "How about you turn around and face the corner of the elevator ? Or... how about you get off the elevator so I can ride in peace thank you. Stop trying to act like your above me with that performative 'oh it's not okay to like Azealia but I like her' type s--t. Just keep it to yourself please."

Read her tweets below and check out Sivan's "Watch What Happens Live!" interview.

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