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Did You Catch That Queer Moment in 'Black Mirror' Season 4?

Wednesday Jan 3, 2018

The new season of Netflix's sci-fi horror show "Black Mirror" has been available for nearly a week and the show has been getting praise from all corners of the Internet.

Standout Season 4 episode "Hang the DJ" has a lot in common with "San Junipero," arguably the best episode of "Black Mirror" to date. (It did pick up two Emmy awards last year.) One way the two episodes are linked is through its queerness. Though "San Junipero" is an epic queer love story, "Hang the DJ" has a blink-or-you-miss-it queer moment.

Warning: Slight spoilers below.

"Hang the DJ" tackles online dating by following Amy (Georgina Campbell) and Frank (Joe Cole). The two are part of a closed-off society that focuses on finding people's soulmates. To do so, they must experience a number of encounters, dates and longterm relationships.

After their first date, which only lasts 12 hours, Amy and Frank depart for several months only later to be reconnected again. When that relationship dissolves, the two go their separate ways again, and in a montage of encounters, Amy is seen with a bunch of different men - and, at one point, is with a woman.

It may be a brief moment in the episode, but it showcases the queer-friendly attitudes of "Black Mirror."

Check out the trailer for "Hang the DJ" below.


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