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In Wake of #MeToo Movement, Gay Porn Actor Tegan Zayne Accuses Fellow Performer Topher DiMaggio of Rape

Monday Jan 22, 2018

Taking to Twitter Sunday and using the hashtag #MeToo, gay porn actor Tegan Zayne accused fellow performer Topher DiMaggio of raping him. Speaking with the gay porn website QueerMeNow (extremely NSFW), DiMaggio denied the allegations.

Zayne shared screenshots of his notes app in which he detailed the alleged incident, which he says took place "two summers ago." He explains he and DiMaggio were set to perform in a scene together for the gay porn studio CockyBoys and shared a living space together at the time. The night before the scene, Zayne said he "tried waiting up to greet" DiMaggio "to say hi before jumping right into filming." He says DiMaggio didn't show up and he went to bed around 1 or 2 a.m.

"I was half asleep with the TV on in the background and he comes in," Zayne writes. "I stir myself awake to say hi to him, and he instantly went for it. Now, in porn there is a huge rule and it's 'don't cum the night before your scene' for obvious reasons."

Zayne goes on to say he rebuffed DiMaggio's advances but that he was pressured into having sex with him.

The next day, Zayne, who appears in a CockyBoy scene with DiMaggio from Nov. 22, 2016, writes he felt "belittled and degraded" and "told how I'm such a girl...crazy and insecure."

"Insulting was almost second nature," he wrote.

The performer later added he "forgave and tried to forget [the alleged incident]" and that a producer apologized "even though they continue to work with [DiMaggio], so how sorry were they really."

Zayne wrote he's coming forward with his story in the wake of the #MeToo movement, which has rocked Hollywood in exposing the widespread prevalence of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace.

"Maybe I'm wrong for pointing this out. Does it even matter? Does anyone care? Nothing is going to happen, he will still be getting awards and jobs, so why am I telling this story" he wrote. "Because it cane (sic) happen to anyone. You will be manipulated to think YOU are the one in the wrong.

"It happens to men, sex workers LGBTQ [people]," he added. "If you feel you've been wronged, don't let anyone tell you how to feel. Speak your truth to those willing to listen. Don't be afraid to hold someone accountable for their actions."

After mentioning the #MeToo movement, Zayne continued.

"[It] feels like no one cares bout the male victims, or the sex workers. As someone else said, 'rape doesn't exist in this line of [work],' and it couldn't be more true," he wrote.

At the end of his statement, Zayne identified DiMaggio, adding, " no means I'm trying to start a witch hunt, just think y'all should know that this happens in all industries, especially in an all-male one that revolves around sex."

DiMaggio reportedly responded to Zayne's allegations in a statement to QueerMeNow (again, extremely NSFW).

"He's crazy and twists stories," he said. "He was so happy to film with me even the next day. It's sad. I'm going to give it any attention."

DiMaggio has not responded on his Twitter.

Gay porn news site Str8UpGayPorn (extremely NSFW) writes someone from CockyBoys told the website that Zayne "did not tell them about the alleged rape the day after, and his note today is the first time they've heard the allegation."

After sharing his story, Zayne fired off a a series of tweets, writing in part that he's "not looking for attention or sympathy. Just telling my story." Reiterating the last point in his note, he also tweeted:

"Also I don't want this to turn into a whole callout/cancel thing. I only put the name because I knew people would ask. The focus is that it happens to everyone."

After making his Twitter private, Zayne reopened his account and tweeted: "I opened a gate that I've been terrified of opening and honestly i feel more anxiety than relief...I just like staying positive and not focusing on the past. I don't want anyone making this about an 'accusation' and turning it into something it's not when it was just me sharing my story."

"There was no accusations it was just me telling my story," he later tweeted. "Believe it or not, but I'm not looking for a hate mob or witch hunt. Sometimes people can learn a lesson just from hearing what someone has to say. There doesn't have to be animosity, because this ultimately isn't about me.

"So stop making drama about who said what, because what y'all need to discuss is that these kinds of things can happen to ANYONE in any line of work, any gender, any sexuality. Idk what else to say," Zayne wrote. "I should've nEver (sic) mentioned any names but what's done is done."

Find his tweets below, which are NSFW. Also below is a somewhat-SFW preview clip of Zayne and DiMaggio together.


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