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'Christian' Protestor Arrested at Pulse Site on Anniversary Unable to Raise $1,000 Bail

Thursday Jun 15, 2017

The Florida man arrested for breach of peace and resisting an officer during his protest in front of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando on the anniversary of the massacre Monday, is unable to make bail. The crowdfunding site which was set up to raise $1,000 for his bond, has yet to receive a single donation.

Daniel Maguire has been sitting in a Florida jail cell since his arrest. Although it was within his rights to hold a sign that said "Warning: All Homos Will Burn Like Faggots in Hell" in front of a crowd that came to mourn the occasion, police removed him and his fellow protesters for their own safety. Maguire, 36, allegedly refused to obey officers and tried to walk back to the property numerous times. Eventually, he was pushed back and put in handcuffs.

Maguire's wife Jasmine has been trying to no avail to raise $1,000 for his bond. After having the GoFundMe page to benefit him taken down (presumably by GoFundMe), his wife ran the campaign on Fundly.

To draw potential donors to his crowdfunding page, Jasmine took to Facebook, where she claimed that her husband was "practicing his faith." Her rambling appeal targeted both a faithful and secular audience.

"All true Christians should support Dan and support (whether in word or deed) those who follow the dictates of the bible to preach the Gospel," she wrote.

For non-believers, Jasmine wrote:

"You should support and look to protect Dan's right to exercise his belief and speak of his convictions, in that way you are not only supporting and preserving Dan's rights to live out his beliefs, you are ALSO supporting your rights to do the same in whatever convictions you hold."

She also had a special message for the LGBT community and their supporters.

"Those of you who are fighting for your right to publicly support and indulge in your sexual preferences, should be very concerned when people are arrested for living out their convictions and beliefs. You could be next."

It's been three days and Maguire has yet to receive a dime in online donations.

The Friendly Atheist noted that an alternative campaign that was "inspired by Daniel Maguire," with the intention of showing that "Love Will Always Triumph Over Hate" and with all proceeds going to the onePULSE Foundation, has raised more than $1,300 in the same time period.


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