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Watch: Dylan Larkin Goes Viral in New Cheeky Ad

by Sam Cronin
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Tuesday Oct 8, 2019
Larkin laments the lack of well-fitting pants for those with "hockey butt"
Larkin laments the lack of well-fitting pants for those with "hockey butt"  (Source:StateandLiberty/Instagram)

State and Liberty Clothing Co., a specialty brand out of Ann Arbor, Michigan, has gone viral with a new Instagram ad featuring Detroid Red Wings alternate captain Dylan Larkin.

It begins with Larkin lamenting the lack of good-fitting dress pants for athletes, especially those with "hockey butt."

"I know a big problem that a lot of athletes and hockey players have is shopping for pants. We have relatively small waists, and big quads, big thighs-" he breaks from his lines with a self-aware chuckle... "and big butt[s]."

Larkin's lines are of course delivered over some, ahem, demonstrative, footage of him in the stretch dress pants.

"In a phone interview with, Shawn Stephenson, State and Liberty's Canadian director of sales chuckled, 'I don't think we were expecting the attention we've received ... it's certainly resonated with a lot more than the hockey community.'"

Watch the full ad below, and go ahead, we permit you to giggle.


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