Jai Rodriguez heats up South Florida with ’Summer Shorts’ (and a new speedo)

by Jim Halterman

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday June 24, 2011

Musician/actor Jai Rodriguez has already had a busy year with guest acting appearances on TV's "Harry's Law" and "Detroit 1-8-7" but it's clear he was only ramping up for a busy summer down in Miami. Earlier this month, Rodriguez kicked off the 2011 Summer Shorts Festival and one of his many duties includes being the headliner for the series of short 5-20 minute plays.

But that's not all.

The uber-busy, multi-talented (and proudly buff) Rodriguez swapped emails with EDGE's Jim Halterman about his show "Filthy And Fabulous," what makes him blush and what new beach item he just bought for the first time (hint - it's small, sexy and covers certain very personal areas).

All about ’Summer Shorts’

EDGE: Tell me about what your duties are as headliner of the 2011 Summer Shorts Festival?

Jai Rodriguez: Quite simply it feels like "Saturday Night Live" where I am the star of majority of the pieces. I guess that's the best way to describe it.

EDGE: For a newbie to the Summer Shorts Festival, what exactly does the festival entail?

Jai Rodriguez: A LOT of work!!!! I haven't had a single moment to breath but it's great fun.

EDGE: The ads for your show "Dirty Little Secrets" says it will make the audience blush. How exactly? Are you (hopefully) in states of undress?

Jai Rodriguez: Ha! Yes. It chronicles my life using pop music. I guess seeing me relive my first sexual encounter will make people blush because it was with a woman. And, yes, we are quite naked-ish.
EDGE: Because we all want to know for future reference, what makes Jai Rodriguez blush?

Jai Rodriguez: Hmmm. For some odd reason I'm really shy when it comes to onstage romance, kissing or anything else that's intimate with a man onstage. "Dirty Little Secrets" has that and I'm sooo nervous. Weird, because I'm gay.

Watch Jai Rodriguez's video of "Broken":

EDGE: Miami is known for the hot people and hot parties... is it also a great place for theater/shows?

Jai Rodriguez: Well, from my rehearsals for summer shorts I'd say so.

EDGE: You did such a great job on "Harry's Law" earlier this Spring. Anything else coming up that you can share?

Jai Rodriguez: I'm executive producing a new reality series on LOGO called "Sex RX." I'm not on camera. It follows ten peoples journey with sex therapy. The therapist is my ex boy friend!

EDGE: Last time we talked you had added 15 lbs. of bulk. Has your fitness commitment just become a way of life now or do you still have to really push yourself?

Jai Rodriguez: I feel like I've shrunk. Since I've been here [in Miami] the gym has almost become impossible. Can't wait to get back into the swing of it.

EDGE: With this sexy bod of yours, are you wearing a Speedo this summer or are you more of the swim trunks kind of guy?

Jai Rodriguez: I did just buy my first Speedo! It's a Brazilian cut so a bit more coverage than the traditional Speedo.
EDGE: Despite the fitness commitment, what is the guilty food pleasure you have the hardest time saying NO to. 

Jai Rodriguez: Cuban sandwich and platanos!!! So unhealthily but delicious.

The dates for the 2011 Summer Shorts Festival at the Arsht Center (June 2-26) and the Broward Center (June 30-July 3). For more on the 2011 Summer Shorts Festival, go to City Theatre website or check out Jai Rodriguez at his My Space page.

Watch Jai Rodriguez on the Fran Drescher Show:

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