by Kevin Taft

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday September 13, 2011


The best Marvel adaptation to date roars onto Blu-ray - mighty hammer in tow! "Thor" was a surprise hit with audiences and critics alike, injecting fun and grand mythology into a franchise preparing for the ultimate ensemble film: "The Avengers." It tells the story of Thor: The God of Thunder whose arrogance gets him banished to Earth by his father where he has to learn to lose the ego and save his planet. It's a dazzling spectacle of images and story that combines the delightfully overwrought familial drama of Shakespeare with the old-fashioned fun of a summer blockbuster.

Starring Chris Hemsworth as the man with the "pecs of gold", Natalie Portman as his future love interest, Anthony Hopkins as his father, and newcomer Tom Hiddleston as his bad-boy brother, "Thor" excels on many levels, most notably in production design. As directed by Kenneth Branagh, it's an amazing looking film that wows in Blu ray high definition.

Special features are many, including commentary by Branagh, a three minute mini-movie called "The Consultant" that delves further into the Avengers' storyline, 7 Making-of Featurettes, another feature on the new "Avengers" movie, 11 deleted scenes (some of which give more depth to the story), and the Theatrical Trailers.

"Thor" excels on many levels, most notably in production design.

It comes in a 3D Blu-ray combo back that includes not just the 3D and 2D versions of the film on Blu-ray, but also the DVD version and a digital copy.


Ultimate Set - 3D Blu-ray/2D Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy $54.99 srp

Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack $49.99

Single Disc DVD $29.99


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