One Million Moms Targets ’Gay Days’ at Disney

by Jason St. Amand

National News Editor

Thursday May 9, 2013

Nearly a week after launching a crusade against Phillips Norelco in response to a silly and suggestive commercial, anti-gay group One Million Moms is back again, this time shifting their ire from manscaping to Mickey Mouse with a protest against the annual "Gay Days" event at Disney World.

The group, which is connected to the American Family Association, is outraged at the Walt Disney Company for allowing Gay Days, an unofficial LGBT day, to take place at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fla. According to Good As You, however, Disney does not sponsor Gay Days and there is no way the company can refuse participants, even if they wanted to. Nevertheless, OMM's members, who are willing to boycott anything remotely gay, released a statement, complaining about the event and Disney's involvement, or lack there of.

"Homosexuals will be celebrating the 23rd anniversary of Gay Day wearing matching Gay Day merchandise, such as T-shirts," the statement reads. "There will also be transvestites dressed in drag showing their support for the event. This event is planned with the intent to expose and desensitize children to this lifestyle by same-sex couples holding hands, hugging and kissing. In short, a Gay Day participant's main goal is to be seen versus seeing Disney World."

The group goes on to say that they've contacted Disney officials in the past about Gay Days, but "their response was simply that they do not sponsor this event."

"Disney has taken no action to stop this, which leaves families stunned and offended. So instead of a normal day at this popular theme park, parents will be angry at the harm this causes families," the statement continues. "Disney has been irresponsible for far too long. Disney representatives and security need to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere and require proper conduct and dress code on a daily basis."

OMM is also urging parents who have made plans to travel to Orlando during Gay Days to "make arraignments to visit a park other than the Magic Kingdom on Saturday, June 1."

Ironically OMM, which does not really have one million moms as members, may not know that the recently appointed president of Walt Disney World, George Kalogridis is openly gay.

This isn't the first time the group has lashed out. Just last week, OMM attacked Norelco's manscaping commercial because it suggests a man is shaving his "private area." The organization said in a statement that the ad went "WAY TOO FAR! During the commercial, it shows a man trimming hair in different areas of his body. Toward the end, it shows him standing with his boxer shorts down with hair falling to the floor as he uses the hair trimmer. It is implied that he is shaving in his private area." They then urged their followers on Facebook to boycott the shaving company and complain to the company via email.

OMM made headlines last year when it attacked JC Penney for hiring Ellen DeGeneres as its spokeswoman. But the groupeventually gave up and said they were moving on to other issues. They also have been known for targeting Jennifer Lopez's new family TV show that centers on a multi-ethnic lesbian couple as well as Toys 'R' Us for carrying an Archie Comics book about a gay wedding.

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