Cruz & 'Hate Group' to 'Rally for Religious Liberty' at School Known for Discrimination

Friday October 23, 2015

GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz is teaming up with the SPLC-designated anti-gay hate group Family Research Council in November for the "Rally for Religious Liberty," set to take place on the campus of Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina.

According to press notes released by the anti-gay group, the rally will "call attention to recent government attacks on the religious liberties of Americans."

"I am honored to join my friend Ted Cruz in defending America's First Freedom. Last month I was privileged to join Gov. Mike Huckabee in Kentucky for a rally in support of Kim Davis, who had been jailed for exercising her religious freedom. I am grateful for these leaders who are willing to stand boldly not only for Americans' freedom to believe, but the freedom to live according to those beliefs," said Tony Perkins of the FRC.

The rally mentioned by Perkins had Cruz shoved to the side by Huckabee who didn't want to share the spotlight with this Republican rival.

"I will stand with any presidential candidate who will stand for our First Freedom. Never before in the history of this country has religious freedom been more endangered than it is today under the policies of the Obama administration. I look forward to being with Senator Cruz at Bob Jones University," concluded Perkins.

Evangelical-run Bob Jones University is a likely choice of setting for a rally that at its core is about protecting the rights of religious organizations to discriminate.

In 1970, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) changed its formal policy to adopt a district court decision that prohibited the IRS from giving tax-exempt status to private schools engaging in racial discrimination. The IRS believed that the University's policies amounted to racism and revoked its tax-exempt status. The case went to the United States Supreme Court who found that the IRS was correct in its decision to revoke the school's tax-exempt status.

Bob Jones University completely excluded African American applicants until 1971. There was a ban at the school on interracial dating until 2000. All in the name of "christianity."