David Mixner, LGBT Rights Activist & Sanders Supporter, Endorses Clinton

Wednesday June 8, 2016

As the delegate-bereft Bernie Sanders' campaign continues to fight its way to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia next month, despite frontrunner Hillary Clinton's cinching the nomination this week, one prominent LGBT rights activist has officially switched his endorsement from the Vermont senator to the former Secretary of State.

In an opinion piece published on Towleroad Wednesday, longtime LGBT and civil rights activist David Mixner announced that despite his support of Sanders during the primaries, he is officially endorsing Clinton for the presidency.

"This year I backed Senator Bernie Sanders, feeling strongly that his candidacy best represented my values, principles and ideology," Mixner writes. "I am proud of him and the issues he championed throughout this race. In fact, I consider myself a 'major donor' for Sanders since I sent $37 a month!"

Mixner went on to praise the Democratic Party for how they conducted themselves during the sometimes contentious campaign season in sharp contrast with "the ship of fools in the Republican Party who have precipitated one shameful episode after another."

"By any measure, Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic nomination for President," Mixner writes. "Ms. Clinton has won the most votes, the most delegates and yes, the most delegates without the superdelegates. She has campaigned long and hard. Ms. Clinton has been a champion of important Democratic values and principles. While I have had my differences with her on a number of issues I have never viewed her as anything other than a progressive. She has earned our support."

According to the Associated Press, Sanders, pledged anew late Tuesday to "continue the fight" all the way to the Philadelphia convention. But at the same time, he acknowledged that overcoming Clinton at this juncture would be a "very, very steep fight."

"Sanders supporters, like myself, have given it our best," Mixner wrote. "We have brought great change. Because we have shown how much we love and care for this planet and the people on it, we cannot play Russian Roulette for political reasons."

Referring to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, Mixner said: "We must now put our differences behind us and defeat this evil man and elect a qualified, experienced and talented woman to the Presidency of the United States."

While Mixner acknowledges that Clinton must work hard over the next few months to unite the Democratic Party, he is calling on his fellow Sanders supporters to back a Clinton presidency.

"Please join me in uniting for a greater good than our own righteousness, and work day and night to elect Hillary Clinton President of the United States," Mixner appealed.

Click here to read David Mixner's opinion piece "As a Sanders Supporter I'm Now Endorsing Hillary Clinton for President" in its entirety.