Gay Man Says Airbnb Lister Rejected Him, Sent Anti-LGBT Message

Thursday July 7, 2016

A man from Houston, Texas is crying foul after a lister from the popular Airbnb service allegedly rejected him because he's gay.

Speaking to Houston news station KHOU, Buddy Fisher said he booked a room in downtown Austin, Texas. He said he was asked why he was coming to Austin and "told them I was going to Austin for the pride festival."

He said the room he picked was a perfect location for the August event and had a beautiful view of the city.

"It charged me the appropriate amount. Then about an hour later, I get a notice from Airbnb that the reservation was cancelled," Fisher told KHOU.

Fisher said the lister, only identified as "Wasif," sent him a hurtful message, targeting the LGBT community.

"No LGBT people please...I do not support people who are against humanity. Sorry," a screenshot of the message reads.

"It really really upset me, because I don't feel like I don't support humanity," Fisher said.

He told KHOU Airbnb officials were quick to apologize for the incident but Fisher is still concerned.

"It felt like we've been going in the right direction, but then something like this happens," he said. "It's like you take five steps forward then two steps back."

Fisher said he still plants to go to Austin Pride and Airbnb gave him a list of other options for that weekend.

KHOU reports Airbnb removed the lister and said he can no longer use the service.

Airbnb has a strict anti-discrimination policy. According to its website, Airbnb "prohibit[s] content that promotes discrimination, bigotry, racism, hatred, harassment or harm against any individual or group, and we require all users to comply with local laws and regulations."

Watch KHOU's report with Fisher below.

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