Microwave Massacre

by Ken Tasho

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday August 26, 2016

Microwave Massacre

With a movie title like "Microwave Massacre", you know it's not meant to be taken seriously.

Arrow Video painstakingly restores this little-known "so bad, it's good" film as though it were a 1980's blockbuster classic. In reality, "Microwave Massacre" was one of those direct-to-video movies that sat on Blockbuster store shelves and became a curiosity for some. If there are any fans, they can purchase this 76-minute farce that has its tongue firmly in cheek.

If one can decipher the plot in the pedestrian "Microwave Massacre," it involves an unhappily married man Donald (comedian Jackie Vernon) who just wants a decent meal cooked by his wife. But she's more concerned with gourmet cooking and uses her new fancy, beastly microwave. In a fit of rage, Donald kills his wife, then hides her in the oversized microwave.

Before you can say "Eating Raoul," Donald suddenly discovers that he'd rather be a cannibal and eats his wife's remains...it sends him on a quest for more human flesh. As you can see, "Microwave Massacre" combines horror, comedy, and science fiction into a nonsensical feature film.

Atrocious acting performances and subplots that go nowhere, especially scenes featuring the non-stop ogling of a female who walks through a construction site, don't detract from an eye-opening viewing experience. The endless array of female breast close-ups becomes a prime example of how wildly un-politically correct "Microwave Massacre" is.

An array of supplemental material finds its way onto Arrow's double Blu-ray/DVD package, most notable being "My Microwave Massacre Memoirs." This 3-way interview discussion features writer Craig Muckler, director Irwin Berwick, and actor Loren Schein. All three of them try to make sense of this silly film, one that took five long years to find a distributor.

Other features include an audio commentary with director Berwick and a photo gallery. And what's fast becoming the norm of Arrow Video Blu-rays, the slipcase insert features an extensive behind-the-scenes essay on the convoluted making of "Microwave Massacre."

"Microwave Massacre"




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