Booed at Brunch, NYC Pride Crowd Heckles Nikki Haley on Sunday

Monday June 26, 2017

Oh those mean New York CIty gays. They won't let a former governor with an anti-LGBT track record have brunch in peace on LGBT Pride Day.

Prides across the nation were particularly political this year, and the Nation's biggest celebration was no exception. With 18 Trump resistance organizations leading the annual LGBT Pride March down Fifth Avenue on Sunday, the air in the Big Apple was thick with anti-Trump administration animus.

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley found herself with egg on her face after brunch, when, according to Twitter she and her son were heckled and booed after leaving a restaurant as the city's Gay Pride Parade was going on.

"We,incl my son, were booed by patrons saying hateful things as we left lunch @ Pride Parade," Haley posted on Twitter, adding "Our country is better than this. #HateNeverWins"

The reception Haley received may be payback for her stance on same-sex marriage while Governor of South Carolina. Fox News notes that in November 2013, Haley opposed a federal lawsuit challening an amendment in South Carolina's constitution that banned same-sex marriage.

"The citizens of South Carolina spoke ... spoke something that I, too, believe, which is marriage should between a man and a woman," Haley said at the time. "I'm going to stand by the people of this state, stand by the constitution, I'm going to support it and fight for it every step of the way."

Immediately rushing to Haley's defense was gay conservative group Log Cabin Republicans, who tweeted.

"Log Cabin Republicans stands with YOU Ambassador! The ignorant haters do not represent us! "

The State notes that the post-brunch Bronx cheers Haley received on Sunday could sour the Ambassador on living in Gotham. On the night before "brunch gate," Haley tweeted a picture of the New York City skyline at dusk, saying "It never gets old....#LifeInNYC"