A New Summer Smile with SmileDirectClub

Friday May 11, 2018

A beautiful smile is now more attainable than ever with SmileDirectClub, a leader in at-home invisible aligners. All it takes are a few simple steps:

  • Use the at-home impression kit or schedule a quick visit to one of SmileDirectClub's SmileShops for a 3D scan.

  • Receive invisible aligners to be worn all day and night (except when eating or drinking) -- the entire set arrives at the beginning of treatment and a virtual check-in by a state-licensed dentist or orthodontist every 90 days monitors your progress. A bright on premium whitening kit is also included to make your new smile sparkle.

  • Smile with confidence! Now it's time to show off that new smile. Be sure to maintain those pearly whites by purchasing a retainer.

    Knowledge is Power

    Investing in your dental health is a worthwhile commitment, and even though SmileDirectClub is up to 60 percent less expensive than other brands, having a full understanding of how invisible aligners work is a great first step toward the perfect smile.

    Invisible Aligners
    Invisible aligners are made from clear plastic and fit snugly over your teeth, gradually shifting them into alignment through a series of stages. Made from BPA-free plastic, they're less irritating (and less noticeable!) than traditional metal braces. An at-home impression kit or 3D scan determines if you're the right fit for aligners. Considerations such as wisdom teeth, implants, and missing teeth are all evaluated by SmileDirectClub's network of 225 affiliated state-licensed dentists and orthodontists to ensure that aligners are right for you.

    Getting Started
    Using super cool 21st-century technology, SmileDirectClub's SmileGuides use a 3D optical camera to capture a digital map of your teeth and gum lines. Scheduling an appointment at a SmileShop takes just a few clicks on your computer and the actual appointment is 30 minutes or less. Those not near a convenient location can opt for the at-home impression kit. Don't worry about how to use the kit! SmileDirectClub often hosts SmileParties through its Facebook page to walk you through the process.

    A licensed dentist or orthodontist reviews every SmileDirectClub client, and after the lab reviews the impressions or 3D scan, you'll receive a 3D visualization of how your teeth will look after treatment -- what could be a better motivator than that? Each plan is customized, and the average plan lasts 6 months. Just remember, it's important to wear both sets of aligners as prescribed to safely get -- and keep -- the smile you love.

    SmileDirectClub also includes Chewies, round cylinders of rubber that are chewed like a piece of gum after aligners are inserted to help maintain tight-fitting aligners. Mild soreness is to be expected when beginning each new set of aligners -- it's a sign that your aligners are working. But if it persists, SmileDirectClub's customer care team is always on hand to address any concerns.

    One of SmileDirectClub's greatest values is its integration of modern technology. To keep track of your aligners and progress, log into your account and set the date on which you start wearing your first set. The dashboard takes care of the rest and offers a fun, interactive way to keep track of your progress.

    6 Steps to the Perfect Smile

    1. Stick to your prescription -- Invisible aligners are discreet and easy to remove to eat or drink but don't be tempted to wear them part-time. Wear your aligners all day and night, except when eating, drinking anything other than cool water, and brushing/flossing.

    2. Maintain good dental hygiene -- You're investing in a beautiful smile, so make sure to take care of your teeth on a daily basis. This includes brushing after meals and snacks, flossing, and - of course - putting your aligners back in your mouth!

    3. Clean your aligners -- Rinse with cold water but never use boiling or hot water, which might warp them. Another tip is to use antibacterial soap and thoroughly rinse.

    4. Bring your case with you on the go -- Be sure to have your case with you to avoid losing or damaging aligners while you're eating or drinking. They should be in your mouth any other time!

    5. Register your aligners -- Using SmileDirectClub's dashboard is the easiest way to maintain and track your progress. And be sure to take photos of your smile to see your transformation.

    6. Continue regular dental check-ups -- Invisible aligners are one step in complete dental care. Regular cleanings and examinations are important to avoid cavities or gum disease.

    For more information, visit www.SmileDirectClub.com

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