Last Ferry

by Padraic Maroney

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday October 21, 2019

'Last Ferry'
'Last Ferry'  

In "Last Ferry," Joseph is heading to Fire Island to explore his sexuality, meet some people, and find a place that he might belong. The only problem - which further highlights how much of an outsider he is - is that it happens to be April, and the season hasn't quite started yet.

The young lawyer thinks his luck is turning around when he meets a guy and they head to the fabled Meat Rack. Instead of wanting to get into Joseph's pants, the guy wants what is already in them: He drugs Joseph and then takes his wallet and other valuables. To add insult to injury, while wandering around still drugged, Joseph witnesses a murder. Finally, his luck seems to turn around when a kind stranger, Cameron, finds him on the beach and brings him back to recover.

In addition to playing the lead, Ramon Olmos Torres also wrote the screenplay and serves as a producer. As an actor, Torres is a little stiff, which mostly works for his disoriented character. You can almost see the wheels turning inside his head, even in the more carefree moments of the film.

On the writing side, Torres set out to create a thriller in the vein of Hitchcock classics and "Stranger by the Lake." The only difference is that, until the end, the film is void of suspense because the characters' motivations are never really clear. There's never really any fear of danger because you don't know if the murderer, who might just happen to be one of Cameron's friends, is a spree killer or if the victim was personally targeted.

However, that being said, the film is filled with a rich slice of life world of characters. From a character study perspective, you'll find "Last Ferry" too much more engaging. There's easy chemistry among the cast, which makes the audience believe that they could actually be real friends vacationing on Fire Island, and quickly invests you in their tribe.

Helping with that is actor Larry Owens, as the boisterous Shane, who's got a mouth as big as his heart. Owens effortlessly adds plenty of laughs to the film, by creating a character that we all can relate.

"Last Ferry" is an interesting movie that will keep your attention from start to finish — if for no other reason than to see where it is going next. It doesn't offer much in terms of suspense, but as a character study there is plenty to unpack once you've de-boarded this "ferry."