Out Adventures Launches 3 Lesbian Tours for 2020

Tuesday October 15, 2019

Out Adventures is launching a trio of lesbian tours for their 2020 season. These are the first tours the company has offered specifically for women and were created to fill a gap in the offerings for lesbian travelers. Croatia (July 2020), Peru (August 2020), and Iceland (August 2020) are the first trips, with more destinations to come in 2021.

"There are only a few companies creating tours specifically for lesbians and bisexual women," said Iris Serbanescu, a travel industry veteran who will also be hosting the company's Croatia trip. "But none of them have put as much effort as Out Adventures to craft a female-first experience, from the moment you look online and book your trip, to when your trip ends and you board your flight home. All the details are well-thought-out to ensure they resonate with this market."

Before launching their lesbian tours, Out Adventures worked with a lesbian travel researcher and lesbian travel experts to identify what exactly travelers are looking for from a small-group experience. They discovered that most lesbian travelers want many of the traditional travel experiences - such as staying at fabulous hotels and visiting the Amazon and Machu Picchu - but with additional opportunities to support local women-owned and operated businesses, to have female guides, and to meet local lesbians when possible.

With these insights in mind, Out Adventures built out the itineraries based on their decade of success offering tours in these destinations but adding a holistic, female-first perspective. To that end, all tours are hosted by a lesbian Out Adventures Brand Ambassador and all local guides are women. The Croatian trip will take place on a small, luxury, female-owned and operated yacht. In Peru, participants will eat at a restaurant owned by a female, Michelin-starred chef, and meet the lesbian owners of a cupcake shop in Lima. In Iceland, local lesbians will host a house party to introduce attendees to Reykjavik's women's community.

"We're so thrilled to finally offer these tours," said Robert Sharp, founder of Out Adventures. "When we launched our company a decade ago, we had planned on having fully mixed groups of men and women, but we quickly learned that gay men generally prefer to travel with other gay men and lesbians with lesbians. We've been fortunate to have success and learn so much with our tours for gay men, but I felt very strongly that we needed to be more inclusive and offer trips specifically for women. I'm so thankful we built such a great team to develop these tours and can't wait to welcome women to our first lesbian tours in 2020."