Gay Doctor Sues, Claims Anti-LGBTQ Harassment at NYC Hospital

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Tuesday February 18, 2020

A gay doctor has brought suit against The Brooklyn Hospital Center, where he was previously a resident - a program he felt compelled to leave before his first year was out, thanks to anti-LGBTQ harassment he endured, reportedly from both the director and associate director of the surgical residency program.

The New York Post reports that Dr. Chad Jensen - who is now a resident in the Bronx, at NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln - first brought suit in 2018, claiming that both the surgical residency program director, Dr. Armand Asarian, and the program's associate director, Dr. Sandeep Sirsi, "regularly made hateful, anti-gay comments about their gay patients and unscientific judgments that these patients' own 'lifestyle' caused their illnesses."

Dr. Jensen also says that he was assailed with anti-LGBTQ comments himself, being referred to as an "ATM," or "ass-to-mouth crew" member, the Post reported.

The article quoted Dr. Jensen as recalling, "It just reinforced all of those fears, essentially putting me back into those 29 years that I was living in fear, feeling like I couldn't be myself."

Jensen's suit references an administrative investigation that determined that he had indeed "been harassed because of his sexual orientation," the Post reported, going on to note that Sirsi "was forced to resign" and found a position elsewhere, while Asarian lost his post as the head of the surgical residency program.

The Brooklyn Hospital Center issued a statement in which it declared itself "committed to a healthy and inclusive work environment," the Post article said.

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