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Thursday April 2, 2020

With more time at home (whether alone or with a partner), many men are facing the reality that their sexual health needs a boost. According to Boston University School of Medicine, anywhere from 22 to 49 percent of men ages 22 to 70 experience moderate to complete erectile dysfunction.

While many men turn to oral medications for a quick fix, erectile dysfunction isn't merely an awkward inconvenience in the intimacy department. It can be a red flag for much broader health concerns. Fortunately, the dedicated professionals at Men's Performance Clinic look at the big picture to create a wellness strategy that rises above industry standards.

Co-founded by David Dorn and Chuck Ginsberg, and recently joined by notable physician
Dr. David Hernandez, Men's Performance Clinic offers a holistic approach to men's health with a focus on erectile dysfunction through the use of non-invasive acoustic wave therapy. Dr. Hernandez is one of the physicians who developed the widely-used protocols for GAINSWave (a brand name for the treatment). He has treated more than 6,000 patients and has trained hundreds of physicians.

"A lot of places have a program that they fit you into. We create a safe atmosphere where people can come in and talk about what's going on," says Ginsberg. "It's definitely a strong point of our clinic — building trust and creating a safe place to discuss the problem and treatment options."

An initial consultation includes a comprehensive blood panel that looks at a range of important numbers, including kidney and liver function, thyroid, blood sugar, cholesterol and testosterone levels, with all results reviewed by a doctor. Most men don't understand the significance of free versus total testosterone.

"While total testosterone levels may appear healthy, low levels of free testosterone could lead to improper diagnosis and treatment plans. For example, a patient may not need more testosterone. They may simply need less of substances that tend to convert testosterone into other substances such as estrogen," according to experts. "This is why it may be critically important to test for free testosterone levels and not just total testosterone alone."

Combined with a complete physical and health history intake, Men's Performance Clinic then creates a personalized wellness plan.

Acoustic wave therapy, a cornerstone of many treatment plans at Men's Performance Clinic, improves erections by restoring blood flow to the penis. The process works by sending sound waves of energy into the penis; it is completely safe with no know side effects and has been shown to be effective. This will encourage the body to improve blood circulation in the area and may dissolve any plaque that has built-up, encouraging the growth of new blood vessels. By doing this, erectile tissue will be rejuvenated to restore healthy blood flow to the penis and make it easier to achieve and maintain a strong, hard erection.

3 Benefits to Acoustic Wave Therapy
1. Solving the problem versus a temporary solution.
2. More spontaneous sexual experience.
3. Avoid side effects.

Acoustic wave therapy treatments may range from twice a week to once a month, depending on the customized wellness plan. Men in their 30s often experience results after just a few treatments.

Additionally, Men's Performance Clinic treats Peyronie's Disease (scar tissue inside the penis that causes curved, painful erections) and also offers IV therapy to "turbo charge" your immune system.

Ginsberg stresses that treating erectile dysfunction isn't just about improving performance in the bedroom. "ED is a cardiovascular disease. If you're between 45 and 55, there's a high correlation between stroke and heart attack at that age. There's a place for pills and shots, but if that's your solution, it's like a ticking time bomb, and there is stuff going on that just isn't right. Your body is telling you something."

Fortunately, Men's Performance Clinic is ready to help men of all ages restore their sexual performance and also improve their overall health.

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