Twitter Reacts to Gay Adult Studio Sean Cody's Black Lives Matter Statement

Saturday June 13, 2020

Earlier this week the gay porn studio Sean Cody shared a statement to its Twitter supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. But Twitter users were quick to call out the company over its history of using traditional attractive white male models and lack of using models of color.

"June is Pride Month and we must not forget the brave trans and queer POC in our community that stood up to fight for our rights at the Stonewall riots of 1969," Sean Cody's June 8 tweet reads. "We fully support the Black Lives Matter movement."

The statement goes on to say that "diversity has become one of ur mandate buy we acknowledge that there is more to be done to create a space that normalizes our differences, fosters change and puts an end to bigotry and systemic oppression."

The statement concludes by saying Sean Cody is making a donation to the LGBTQ Freedom Fund, asking fans to do the same.

Despite the company's well-meaning effort, several Twitter users called out Sean Cody over its lack of diversity of male models and performers.

"Sis most of the models y'all hire are neither gay or POC, specifically black," on Twitter user replied.

"So when are you guys casting people of color?" another asked.

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