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FBI Gets Involved with Attack on Gay Louisiana Teen

Friday June 26, 2020

An 18-year-old Louisiana man is in intensive care after being violently attacked in a hook-up date gone bad. His is family is calling it a hate crime but Lafayette Police Department police department spokesman Sgt. Wayne Griffin says it is not being investigated as such, The Acadiana Advocate reports. Now, KATC News is reporting the FBI is getting involved. In addition, investigators with LPD have sought the opinion of the District Attorney's Office.

Holden White, 18, and Chance Seneca, 19, had been flirting for a week on the gay dating app Grindr before they met up last Saturday night.

"White, who is gay, suffered life-threatening injuries during a Grindr date gone wrong Saturday and has been fighting for his life at Lafayette General Medical Center ever since. He is still in the intensive care unit but is in good spirits," reads a news report in the Acadiana Advocate.

"Officers were called at 11:45 p.m. Saturday and found White had been stabbed in the neck and wrists," said department spokesman Sgt. Wayne Griffin. "He was taken to a local hospital in critical condition," reports reports the Daily Advertiser, a news outlet that is part of the USA Today Network.

"Police arrested 19-year-old Chance Seneca, of Lafayette, in connection with the stabbing. He was at the home when police arrived. He was charged with attempted second-degree murder," the report adds.

Over the past few days, White has been recovering, describing himself on Tuesday as a "hot mess" to friends and family.

"The sarcastic comment represents significant progress in White's recovery. Just one day earlier he'd been on a ventilator and a feeding tube, unable to communicate at all except by nodding his head or shrugging his shoulders," writes the Acadiana Advocate>.

But as he recovers, "LGBTQ activists are asking police to consider the role the teen's gay identity may have played in the attack," the Acadiana Advocate adds. And White's family has set up "a GoFundMe page on the fundraising website and on their social media pages that the attack was motivated by hate because White is openly gay," reports the Daily Advertiser.

As of this writing, White's GoFundMe page has raised over $86,000. On the page Holden is described as a compassionate LGBTQ+ activist currently getting a degree in education: "He will need intense physical therapy, emotional therapy, (and) many prayers and love."

Police, though, are not identifying the attack as a hate crime, reports the Daily Advertiser.