JustForFans Founder Accused of Inappropriate Sexual Behavior with Models, Intimidation

Sunday August 9, 2020

One of the tech success stories of the last few years is the emergence of social media platforms like OnlyFans and JustForFans, which are amongst the subscription-based content creation programs that lets users share multimedia posts behind a paywall.

Since lockdown has began, Forbes reports that these sites "have reported increases in traffic, sales, and sign-ups, with the biggest sites seeing more than a 75% increase in new members."

JustForFans, the brainchild of adult male performer and director Dominic Ford, is an "adult blogging platform and marketplace," similar to OnlyFans, writes a report from the Daily Dot. "The site functions like a mix between ManyVids and Tumblr, although its main appeal comes from purchasing monthly subscriptions to adult models' feeds and keeping tabs on their photos, videos, and more."

JustForFans posits itself as a more "comprehensive adult experience." One that allows "viewers watch performers' cams, purchase clips, order items from stars, pay for sexting, buy access to performers' Instagram or Snapchat, and more. It lets users filter for models based on gender and genres, encouraging user exploration on the site," adds the Daily Dot.

"Sales have gone up for sure, I would say around 10-15%," Ford, who is also the CEO of JustForFans, told NewNowNext in March. "Tipping is up as well, as I think fans are really making an effort to support their favorite performers. Content posts are also up, as models realize this is now an important lifeline for them."

But while the site is benefitting by what is known as "quarantine horniness," Ford has become a target of social media outrage with accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior by two of his former performers, as well as attempts to "stifle those performers and their friends from speaking out against him," according to a report from Str8UpGayPorn (NSFW), which reports on the gay porn industry.

In June, adult performer Tannor Reed (who has worked with both OnlyFans and JustForFans) tweeted "a lengthy and detailed account of several experiences he had both professionally and personally with JustForFans owner Dominic Ford. Near the end of the statement, Reed accuses Ford of sexually assaulting him in May of 2019 during an adult industry event in Miami, Florida," according to an earlier report from Str8UpGayPorn.

"A few days after Reed's claim, performer Justin Stone also accused Ford of raping him in a hotel room in May of 2019, and that alleged assault occurred in London, a few weeks after Ford allegedly raped Reed in Miami. writes Str8UpGayPorn

Both Reed and Stone had appeared with Ford in videos at least once, and Stone had a close, if contentious relationship with Ford. Back in April of last year, Ford tweeted a photo of him and Stone with the caption, "Like any good daddy, I'm taking the boy to Disney."

On June 20, Stone received a "pre-suit" notice from Ford's attorney, threatening to sue Stone for defamation unless Stone deleted tweets accusing Ford of abuse.

Then this past week a third performer, Mickey Taylor, spoke out in defense of Reed and Stone and deleted his account from Ford's JustForFans, Str8UpGayPorn reports. Taylor also "revealed that he's received a cease and desist letter from Ford, which apparently told him to delete tweets in which Taylor showed support for people accusing Ford of rape."

"For obvious legal reasons I have not posted the letter I received," Taylor wrote in a series of tweets in response to receiving the letter. But he did reveal the conditions Ford is demanding:

Adding in a subsequent tweet that he hasn't spoken of Ford in months:

Following the initial accusation, Ford released the following statement via his lawyer: "Dominic Ford categorically denies all allegations of sexual assault. My office is currently exploring a legal response to the false assertions. Accordingly, I have advised Mr. Ford not to make any further statement at this time."