Italian Man Accused of Killing Sister because She was Dating a Trans Man

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Tuesday September 15, 2020

An Italian man has been accused of killing his 18-year-old sister in a rage because she was dating a transgender man. The suspect told authorities that he "wanted to teach her a lesson."

Italian media reports said that Maria Paola Gaglione died after the motorcycle she was riding with her boyfriend, identified only as Ciro, was rammed by her brother Antonio and crashed. Antonio had given chase to the couple on his motorcycle, angered by rumors about the relationship in their town of Caivano, Naples, reports alleged. Maria struck her head in the crash and was killed instantly. Antonio didn't realize at first that she was dead, and began beating Ciro.

The Italian edition of Vanity Fair reported that Antonio has been charged with manslaughter. He denies having intended to kill his sister, reportedly saying, "I wanted to teach her a lesson" and claiming that "she was infected".

Reports did not say what he meant by that, though TV6 detailed that Antonio added Maria had been "normal" before starting to date Ciro.

The tragedy prompted comments from public officials and celebrities, including Francesca Pascale, an ex-partner of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, reported Time 24 Story. Pascale, a longtime LGBTQ ally, condemned "The homophobic policies that feed and justify these killers," and called Maria's death "Another episode of homotransphobia that ended in tragedy due to a violent and increasingly frustrated society. "

Ciro himself took to Instagram, where he posted that "life took away from me my greatest love my little one."

Addressing Maria, Ciro went on to post, "I can no longer imagine my life without you .. I can not. I can't sleep anymore I think of you 24 out of 24 my love, I miss you, I miss you so much. You were the only one for me, the only one who truly loved me."

The post continued: "I miss your caresses .. I miss how much you woke me up in the morning to bother me. I miss everything about you., I never stopped loving you from the first day I saw you .., I will always love you my baby."

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