Mormon Doc Strips Off Temple Undergarments and Finds His Authentic Self

Wednesday December 30, 2020

An ex-Mormon doctor stripped off his underwear and found his authenticity.

Doctor Jake Jacob revealed to his 277,000 Instagram followers how the moment changed his perception of both his body and beliefs, and set him on a liberating path of self discovery, writes a report in OUT Magazine.

The moment came when he took off his "Temple Undergarments, a special set of underwear worn by some believers of the Mormon religion," OUT reports.

"It's been 12 years since I decided to stop wearing them, it made no sense since I was having sex with men which is a mortal sin against the Mormon church's teachings," he wrote in his Instagram post.

His decision, he continues, was "life-altering physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It was my last physical reminder, for good or bad, of my ties to childhood religion. It was liberating for my body to finally remove the oppressive clothing that insisted I always stay covered instead of celebrating the body God gave me. It was also liberating to eliminate the constant reminder of childhood guilt and trauma, like shedding unnecessary shame I'd been carrying for years about who I am and my God-given orientation that I can't and shouldn't change."

He acknowledged how years of conversion therapy had taught him he was "broken," and how this simple act help him "shed the self loathing and disdain" he felt after being told he was the "equivalent of a pedophile and a murderer simply for wanting the same love heterosexual people enjoyed so naturally in the culture at the time."

He recalls how once he did he felt a freedom he had never experienced before. "I could choose how I presented my body to the world, not a corporate religious organization. It started a journey of loving my own body, embracing my flaws, of actually looking in the mirror and choosing to like what I see without guilt or forced "humility" which I now know was the quest for impossible constant perfection of body and mind. I began loving myself for who I am independent of a higher power's approval or acceptance of my peers."

He ended his moving Instagram post with his gratitude that he "took a chance stepping into the unknown discovering a life I never dreamed could be so fulfilling."

The accompanying pic shows the hunky doctor in profile with in a white t-shirt and skivvies that show off his ripped body. '

There's little info about where the 39-year old Dr. Jacobs practices or about his personal life. He describes himself on his steamy Facebook page as an "entrepreneur."

Check out these pics from his Instagram: