Watch: Mom Takes Credit for Her OnlyFans Star Son's Biggest Asset

Sunday January 31, 2021

The NSFW website The Sword posted the sweetest mother-son tweet from a British lad with a popular OnlyFans.

"19-year-old social media star Jack Cameron just posted a TikTok of his mother reacting to his career choice. The OnlyFans model, who is also a verified TikTok star with over one million followers on the platform, posted the video as a reaction to a sarcastic comment about how his mom must be "so proud" of his job. Turns out... she actually is!" writes the site.

In the video Cameron is asked by a fan: "What does your mother think of you being an 'accountant'. Bet she's so proud of you."

He then asks his mom sitting on a couch: "You know how I am a 'special accountant.' What are your thoughts about it? Are you proud of me?"

She paused, and then replied with a big smile: "Of course I'm proud. I'm your #1 fan. I'm always upbeat, you know that. I made that dick, I want a percentage."

"Yeah. What did you get?" Cameron asked.

"Driving lessons. A big screen TV...," she said before the video cut to Cameron, asking her:

"Is it fair to say I've got your support."

"It's a free world. Free Willy!" she replies.