Watch: 'Dashing in December' Hunk Juan Pablo Di Pace Sings 'Fall on Me' in New Video

by David Costa

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Thursday February 18, 2021

Juan Pablo Di Pace
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Out Argentinian heartthrob Juan Pablo Di Pace is more than a triple threat. Audiences may know him from television ("Dallas," "Dancing with the Stars," "Fuller House"), his music ("Broken", "Just A Feeling," "Fall on Me") or from his latest film, "Dashing in December. " The film was recently nominated for the 2021 GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding TV Movie.

What audiences may not know is that in addition to being an incredible actor, beautiful singer, and intricate dancer, Juan Pablo is also a director, producer, song-writer, artist and philanthropist. Even with multiple projects in the works, this seemingly-perfect superman found time to chat with EDGE.

Peter Porte and Juan Pablo Di Pace in "Dashing in December"  

EDGE: You've had quite the career from "Dallas" to playing Jesus to "Fuller House." You recently released a single, from an upcoming EP, called "Fall on Me." You write a lot of your own music. Did you write "Fall on Me?"

Juan Pablo Di Pace: "Fall On Me" was the exception to the rule... I usually co-write all of my songs, but during a chat with my buddy and amazing singer-songwriter Jeffrey James, I asked if he'd write one for me, as a game... The next day, he and composer Justin Halpin sent over a beautiful demo with just piano and voice... I was sold. I had to have it! It is so cool to know they wrote it specifically for my voice, so I don't feel bad about it at all...

EDGE: Have you written any of the other songs on your upcoming EP?

Juan Pablo Di Pace: The other four original songs on the EP I did co-write. My other collaborators on the EP are Kyle Mann, Paulina Aguirre, Josh Olsen, Kole, VALNTN, Peter Fenn and Nick Gale.

Juan Pablo Di Pace in a screenshot from his video for "Fall on Me"  

EDGE: With your music videos, do you see the concept right away or do you work with a team to develop ideas?

Juan Pablo Di Pace: I usually see the music video as I listen to the final produced song for the first time. My relationship with music videos is quite important... I grew up glued to MTV watching the MJ, Madonna, and Bjork music videos in the '90s, so it is a thrill for me to imagine how I am going to "dress" the song up visually. I get to play God and decide how people will remember the music.

Watch the video to "Fall on Me":

EDGE: The video for "Fall on Me" tells the story of a photographer in quarantine and how he is devoid of subjects and creativity during isolation. Did you have that idea right away when you heard the song, or did the idea come to you as you navigated your artistic life during the pandemic?

Juan Pablo Di Pace: "Fall On Me" really was a collaboration between Manolo Pavón, the director, and myself. Aside from being a true artist behind the lens, he spends most of his time being an on-set photographer on massive movies. He suggested the idea of a "photographer" because we couldn't cast anyone else other than myself during the lockdown... And I have always been drawn to how people deal with "writer's block" too, whatever their discipline. Since we could only have three people in one room, we played with shadows, light, colors, and Film Noir, to make up for our lack of resources and actors.

Juan Pablo Di Pace  (Source:

EDGE: As a director yourself, how much of the "Fall on Me" video was your input, and how much did you hand over to the director?

Juan Pablo Di Pace: It was a true collaboration, but for once, I really enjoyed being the "actor" and taking direction on this one. Manolo is so gifted, every time I work with him and director of photography Ernesto Reguera, I feel safe. I KNOW it'll look amazing. And that is comforting. To know you can trust someone else's vision with your baby.

EDGE: Because you can do it all and brilliantly, is it sometimes difficult to hand over the reins to another?

Juan Pablo Di Pace: I tend to be over-controlling with my music videos, so you can imagine there are very few people I would trust with them. But Manolo can sometimes win in the battle of the "control-freaks," so that's why I love him!

EDGE: Tell me about your next single coming out in a few weeks. What is it called, and what can we expect from this single?

Juan Pablo Di Pace: It is called "Te Sentí" and it's the FIRST Spanish language song I ever released, I'm very excited. I wrote it with Latin Grammy winner Paulina Aguirre, and it's a mid-tempo flamenco pop track. Wrote it in LA with Paulina, Kyle Mann produced it, but the song grew as I travelled to Madrid to visit my folks...

Upon meeting amazing Flamenco musician Tito Losada and his sons, from a pop ballad, "Te Sentí" evolved into this dynamic fusion between authentic Flamenco and pop. The video is also directed by Manolo Pavón, but this time I co-directed. It is bigger and more dramatic than "Fall On Me," as lockdown in Madrid was a tiny bit better when we shot it. We were also able to get creative with our ideas and characters... Yup! There are characters!

And I'm so grateful that everyone involved went with it. Without giving too much away, this video involves "inclusive" love in the world of flamenco... There is dance, there is fire and a lot of passion onscreen.

Juan Pablo Di Pace in "Dashing in December"  

EDGE: Today artists very often have to create their own work and be a part of the process from conception to marketing. The TV show "Schitt's Creek" is a prime example of this. How do you do it all and are there people that you can get input from before moving ahead with a project?

Juan Pablo Di Pace: I really admire what Dan Levy has created, that is the inspiration. I love people who start with a concept when no one knows them, and yet they push and push until they manage to have their creation seen by the world. Take Brit Marling, for example, who made a few beautiful low budget movies for Sundance and then got a deal with Netlfix, creating the masterpiece that is "THE O.A." That makes me want to strive for more every time.

2020 was really practicing for me, creating the web series "Minutiae" and pretty much doing whatever the hell I wanted to do. I would ask myself, "would I watch this? Is this really my take on life? Is it my taste? Am I the demographic?" If the answer was yes, then I knew I was making something honest. That goes across the board. Yes, there are opinions I treasure and will listen to, but I have spent too long worrying if what I created would be liked... That shit is old!

Juan Pablo Di Pace  (Source: Instagram)

EDGE: Let's chat a little about "Dashing In December." Congratulations on the GLAAD Media Award nomination for Outstanding TV Movie. It's well deserved.

Juan Pablo Di Pace: "Dashing In December" is a beautiful film, and one of the first of its kind. I know it meant a lot to others, as it did to me personally, to see a gay relationship on film that was treated like any other relationship. It's important to see yourself represented, you know?

EDGE: Rumor has it that you have written an LGBTQIA film that you will be directing. Can you tell us anything about that at this time?

Juan Pablo Di Pace: While on a lunch break while shooting "Dashing," producer Stephanie Slack and I got to talking about life, childhood, first loves, being gay in Argentina in the '90s, and this idea for a movie came to me.

It is a fictional story about these two boys from different countries who meet at an international school in '97, and life, family, culture, and distance puts them in completely different paths. It is the story of unfinished business, and how we can end up living conditioned by so many outside factors...

I'm a huge fan of epic love stories, so expect remote places, multiple languages, music, dance, a 20-year span, and a lot of heart. Being involved in "Dashing" opened up my floodgates to want to tell truthful, inspiring and subtle LGBTQI stories. It is time to evolve from the self-hatred or the stereotypical narratives present in our films, to treat our stories with the care that we have treated other stories. What I love about filmmaking, in general, is the grey areas, because humans are so complex. NO answer will ever fit all. And I try to bring an element of that in my music videos too.

EDGE: You are quite the inspiration. I can't wait to follow all your upcoming projects. Before saying goodbye, how can people access your music?

Juan Pablo Di Pace: People can purchase my music everywhere, on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube music, and all my videos up on my YouTube channel. People can subscribe, share, and add "Fall On Me" to their Spotify/Apple playlist. Buckle up - the next few months will be full of new music videos and collaborations.

For more on Juan Pablo Di Pace, Visit his website.

Watch the trailer to "Dashing in December":


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