Frayed or Fab? 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Fashion Recap, Episode 8

by Matthew Wexler

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Sunday February 21, 2021
Originally published on February 21, 2021

RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 13
RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 13  (Source:VH1)

The runway was all sunshine and marigolds this week after the queens took to the stage for "Social Media: The Unverified Rusical." While some proved they might have what it takes to take top billing on a Broadway stage, others lost their footing in the musical challenge that demanded the queens sing and dance their way through a show-stopping production number.

Category is: "Yellow, Gorgeous!" For those who don't know the reference, the line riffs on vaudeville star Fanny Brice's famous phrase, "Hello, Gorgeous," brought to the stage and screen by queer icon Barbra Streisand.

"Oh, she got her high beams on," said Ross Matthew's of Tina Burner's headlight breastplates — a similar interpretation as her Mardi Gras look from last week. While her silhouette was reminiscent of a 1940s pin-up girl and the garment was well constructed, Burner offered another obvious interpretation of the challenge, driving under the speed limit. Verdict: FRAYED

"I'm giving an elegant, evening elaganza," said Olivia Luxe of her beautifully sculpted evening gown in canary yellow with oversized ostrich feather arm puffs. Could she fly away with the win? Verdict: FAB

If there's anyone who knows how to work the runway, it's Symone, but this week felt like more of the same with a minimalist ensemble of yellow garters, suspenders and thigh-high boots. "I look like Big Bird went to the hood and got transformed into a pimp," said Symone of her outfit. Verdict: FRAYED

Once again, Utica exhibited her deep knowledge of fashion history, this time designing a sideless gown inspired by the 14th century with patchwork charm. Moralists found the style to be too revealing, so the design was short-lived — until now. Verdict: FAB

This week Kandy Muse essentially reproduced Beyonce's famously flowing lemonade dress designed by Roberto Cavalli's creative director Peter Dundas for the label's fall/winter 2016 collection. There's no arguing that the dress wasn't gorgeous, but Muse did little to reimagine the garment for the runway. Nobody likes a copycat. Verdict: FRAYED.

Eliott with Two Ts went head-to-head with Tina Burner again this week, also sporting a taxi-inspired look. But Elliott stopped traffic with a sharper, more stylized interpretation, wearing a yellow vinyl pantsuit with oversized shoulders and a $100,000 fare embroidered in the jacket lining. Verdict: FAB

Rosé found inspiration in Jim Carrey's 1994 film "The Mask," turning his yellow Zoot suit into a heavily pleated mini with exaggerated collar and signature green face. "I'm a cartoon character come to life," exclaimed Rosé, though Michelle Visage complained that the look read more orange than yellow. Verdict: FAB

"That girl is poison," exclaimed choreographer and guest judge Jamal Sims of Denali's hand-painted unitard and Medusa headpiece. "I am serving princess python realness," said Denali, and, oh, the venom was so sweet. Verdict: FAB

"I'm giving you bondage crash test dummy," said Gottmik of her head-to-toe latex look. Consistently one of the most innovative on the runway, Gottmik is pummeling head-on to the top of the competition. Verdict: FAB

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