Accused Neo-Nazi Allegedly Called for LGBTQ 'Purge,' but Says He's Bi

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Wednesday May 12, 2021

A British man, who was arrested in 2019 after allegedly writing that LGTBQ people were "simply degenerate" and should be "purged from society," is now claiming to be bisexual himself, according to the BBC.

The accused, 23-year-old Andrew Dymock, is currently on trial in London. Prosecutors say that Dymock was associated with System Resistance Network (SRN) and Sonnenkrieg Division, two neo-Nazi groups that have been banned in the UK.

Prosecutor Jocelyn Ledward charged that SRN had promoted "an agenda against the LGBT community," and cited a 2017 article, supposedly written by Dymock, that had appeared on the group's website. Titled "Homosexuality: The Eternal Social Menace," the article accused LGBTQ people of being "simply degenerate," and stated that non-heterosexual and non-cisgender people "must be purged from society for the greater good," UK news outlet Metro reported.

Dymock faces 15 charges, 12 of which relate to terrorism offenses and three others to bias crimes targeting racial and sexual minorities, the BBC noted.

In January 2020, The Independent reported that Dymock was first arrested at Gatwick Airport by counterterror police on his way to the U.S. in June" of 2019."

According to the Counter Extremism Project, Dymock was the "leader" of Sonnenkrieg Division.

Dymock claims he is innocent and has said in interviews with the police that he was himself a member of the LGBTQ community. "I am bisexual but lean towards being homosexual," Dymock supposedly told police, as per the BBC.

The accused also said that, although the numbers 88 and 14 were a part of an email address he used, the numbers reference other things, such as former pro wrestler Hulk Hogan as well as his own birthday.

The number 88 is shorthand in neo-Nazi circles for the phrase "Heil Hitler," with H being the eighth letter in the alphabet. White supremacists use the number 14 as means of referencing the following 14-word slogan: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."

Jurors heard about videos that Dymock had supposedly posted and, according to prosecutors, also appeared in. One such video showed men wearing masks "plastering homophobic stickers around Southampton," with explanatory text posted alongside the video on YouTube claiming the men were putting the stickers up along the route of a Pride parade.

In an earlier article about the trial, the BBC reported that Ledward accused the SRN of having "sought to stir up a race war," with the court hearing that "books, flags, clothes and badges with links to the extreme right wing were found in Mr. Dymock's bedroom at home and university."

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