Frankie Grande Announces Engagement to Boyfriend Hale Leon

Wednesday June 9, 2021

Hale Leon, left, with Frankie Grande, right.
Hale Leon, left, with Frankie Grande, right.  (Source:Instagram / @haleleon)

Frankie Grande announced his engagement to boyfriend Hale Leon with an elaborate VR proposal in Los Angeles on Tuesday, according to a People exclusive.

According to the outlet, the Broadway star told Leon they were meeting with friends to celebrate his four-year sobriety anniversary a few days early. That's when he surprised the actor by popping the question.

Grande pulled off the surprise at Dreamscape, a VR venue in LA where the couple had one of their first dates. The "Big Brother" star worked with the company to create a custom ending to a VR experience that ended with the question, "Will you marry me?"

"It was such a perfect, beautiful moment," Grande told People. "Hale was completely surprised and we both started crying tears of joy. I have been working on proposing to him in virtual reality for over a year and it was ABSOLUTELY breathtaking for us both."

"I can't wait for everyone to see the video! Omg! We are so happy!" he added.

The couple first met in 2019 at a line-dancing bar in Los Angeles.

"I randomly ended up going to this bar Oil Can Harry's in the Valley and I saw Hale he was dancing on the stage," Grande told People at the time. "He was performing for everybody. He loves to go to Oil Can Harry's he knew all the dances, I was blown away.

"It was definitely love at first dance," he gushed. "I chased him down to meet him afterwards but he disappeared to fix his hair."

Grande took to Instagram to announce his engagement, adding that he plans to share a video of the proposal later.

"He said YES! WE'RE ENGAGED! I am so happy my best friend said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me!" he captioned the post. "Playing games and making me laugh forever! Speaking of games... I proposed IN VIRTUAL REALITY! HE FREAKED OUT! I can't wait to post the video... but for now enjoy these beautiful photos taken by @toddthephotographer in the iconic @people magazine. What a way to celebrate #pride."

The happy news comes not long after his sister, pop star Ariana Grande, celebrated her surprise marriage on May 15.

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