Watch: Racist, Homophobic Harassment Caught on Video in San Francisco

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Thursday July 22, 2021

The suspect was caught on video launching into a racist, homophobic tirade.
The suspect was caught on video launching into a racist, homophobic tirade.  (Source:Screencap/KTVU)

A man was caught on cell phone video subjecting a male couple to a racist and anti-LGBTQ tirade in San Francisco, local news channel KTVU reported.

Although the couple has not been identified, the outlet noted one of the two men is Asian and was evidently the target of the harassment, which escalated on the afternoon of July 18.

"Witnesses said out of nowhere the man started spewing racial insults at the couple," the news report said.

Ironically, the man spouting racist invective declared himself to not be a racist, but his tirade spoke for itself.

"I served this goddamned country, so I'm not racist," the man reportedly shouted at the couple. "I don't like you fucking Asian motherfuckers in my country!"

The verbal abuse quickly turned to threats of homophobic violence, with the man vowing he was "gonna whup your faggot ass and his faggot worthless ass."

Though the couple tried to walk away from the harasser, he followed them down the street, still hurling invective at them.

Darren Mark Stallcup, the man who took video of the encounter with his cell phone, told the media that "things escalated pretty quickly," adding that he was "surprised no one got physically hurt, but there was a lot of crazy things that were said."

Among the alleged insults included the man screaming that the mother of one of the men "was worthless because she didn't abort your sorry ass."

The men sought safety at a hotel and called 911. One of the men began recording the verbal abuse even as Stallcup continued taking footage.

"You can call 911 all you want, you motherfucker," the assailant shrieked. Eventually, he walked off.

To watch the KTVU news clip, follow this link.

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