RuPaul isn't Happy with these 'Bootleg' Christmas Ornaments that 'Drag Race' Stars are Buying

Tuesday November 16, 2021

An RuPaul inspired Christmas ornament.
An RuPaul inspired Christmas ornament.  (Source:Twitter / @trixiemattel)

RuPaul took to Twitter Monday afternoon to call out a Mama-Ru-inspired Christmas ornament that went viral, calling it "unauthorized crap."

A Twitter user shared a photo of the ornament, which resembles RuPaul in drag, saying someone on their timeline posted the picture, adding "And that they were upset with it. I can see why! It looks like Jennifer Holiday in mid performance!"

RuPaul retweeted the pic, calling it "Unauthorized Crap. #RuinedChristmas."

But that didn't stop the stars from "Drag Race" from buying the ornament. Trixie Mattel tweeted that she "bought a dozen" of them — and that didn't make Ru too happy.

Additionally, Shea Couleé tweeted she bought one and Bob The Drag Queen got in on the joke, using an image editing app to glam up the ornament and also claimed Lady Bunny was behind the hilarious drama.

Ru also shared the authorized RuPaul ornament, which features the superstar as a gold statue, and calling the meme ornament "bootleg."