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5 Trending CBD Brands to Gift This Holiday Season

Tuesday December 7, 2021
Originally published on November 24, 2021

5 Trending CBD Brands to Gift This Holiday Season
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The holidays are officially underway, and if you're already stressing about what to give your loved ones, look no further than CBD. (To manage the stress and anxiety of the holiday season,

you might want to consider gifting yourself, too!)

Don't confuse CBD with its marijuana cousin — CBD comes in both full-spectrum (.3% THC or less) or broad-spectrum (no THC), and has been shown to potentially alleviate stress and anxiety, help with sleep, and even reduce the aches and pains that come with age or an active lifestyle. It won't get you "high," but, depending on the product, such as Delta-8, your mood may be enhanced. Even our four-legged friends are getting in on the action with pet-formulated CBD products on the market.

From topicals and tinctures to gummies and treats, here are five of our favorite CBD gift ideas.

Paw CBD Catnip CBD Oil Tincture for Cats
Paw CBD Catnip CBD Oil Tincture for Cats  (Source: Paw CBD)


Anyone who shares their life with pets knows they bring us together and make us better. Loyal, loving, funny, and even a little crazy, they make our family complete. Paw CBD believes pets are family, too. The brand's premium, specially formulated CBD products were created by pet lovers for pet lovers, to help our best friends live their best lives.

Our favorite holiday picks for our four-legged friends include Hip+Joint Chews for Dogs ($29.99-$69.99), perfect for an older dog losing a bit of spring in its step, or a rambunctious pooch who plays hard at the dog park. Paw CBD Hip+Joint soft chews combine Superior Broad Spectrum formula with joint-supporting glucosamine HCL, chondroitin sulfate and omega-3 fatty acids in a pup-approved, bacon-flavored bite. And because it's not just big dogs that can benefit from mobility support and the powerful properties of CBD, different strength options ensure you're serving up just the right amount of daily wellness and comfort support.

Paw CBD Catnip CBD Oil Tincture for Cats
Paw CBD Catnip CBD Oil Tincture for Cats  (Source: Paw CBD)

What about our favorite felines during the festivities? Even if cats spend most of their time napping, your cuddly lap warmer can still enjoy the many benefits of CBD with Paw CBD Catnip CBD Oil Tincture for Cats ($19.99-$29.99), which can help younger, active cats stay nimble or support your aging kitty's physical comfort with CBD's powerful properties.

The Superior Broad Spectrum formula (also in various strengths) helps manage daily stressors and promotes daily wellness, making it easy to spoil your fabulous feline so they can live their best nine lives. Keep kitty happy and purring with premium, hemp-derived CBD in a catnip flavor even the most finicky of felines will love!

Dr. Strains CBD Gummies
Dr. Strains CBD Gummies  (Source: Dr. Strains)

Dr. Strains CBD

It's been an exciting time for discovering all the benefits of hemp. CBD and other forms of legal, hemp-derived cannabis show wellness benefits for body and mind. But one of the newer discoveries is Delta-8 THC, a milder version of the more familiar Delta-9 THC. By comparison, naturally occurring "D8" offers milder psychoactive effects that promote relaxation and calm, and Dr. Strains CBD is a top brand for D8 flower.

Dr. Strains works with small American farms to source strains consumers can trust. For the holidays, limited supplies of Dr. Strains Lifter D8 Flower ($39.99) are an elevating gift idea for cannabis fans interested in trying something new — in this case, an easy-smoking flower with notes of citrus lemon. Gummies have also proven popular, such as Dr. Strains 250 mg Vegan CBD Gummies ($7.99). An affordable 10-pack in assorted fruit flavors is a great introduction to the benefits of CBD.

(Source: The Other Path CBD)

The Other Path CBD

Chill out, sweet pets — CBD isn't just for humans. Animals also benefit from the soothing effects of CBD. And for loved ones who adore their furry or feathered family members, The Other Path CBD Store sells a sparky line of CBD for pets, like dog treats ($30), animal bath bombs and more.

If you prefer to share some human solace for the holiday season, check out Sage Wands, part of the Other Path's metaphysical product line and featuring naturally fragrant herbs such as rose, eucalyptus and lavender ($7 each), or a spell kit for all your "witchy needs."

EDGE readers can appreciate that The Other Path is a proud part of the LGBTQ+ community. Holiday extra: Don't miss the 15% discount for first-time shoppers.

Uplift THCV Disposable
Uplift THCV Disposable  (Source: Delta Extrax)

Delta Extrax

Perhaps one of the most extensive sellers of hemp-derived products, Delta Extrax lives up to its name with an array of high-quality products ranging from Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10, THC-O, THCP, THCV, HHC, and more. That's a lot of initials, but advice is only a call away (844-669-4999) to answer any questions and help guide you toward the best alternative market products for you and your loved ones.

For ease and convenience, disposables are gaining ground as the most sought-after hemp products, and Delta Extrax's availability offers plenty of options. Favorites include Blue Train Wreck Chronix Disposable ($44.99), an energy and focus hybrid of Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC and THC-O with notes of sweet blueberries and earthy nuance. God's Gift HHC Disposable ($37.99) is part of the new, lab-tested HHC line ā a relaxing Indica strain that offers notes of grape with citrus after-tones.

And for that pick-me-up during long holiday gatherings, the Uplift THCV Disposable ($34.99) combines THC-V enriched with Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, Delta 10 THC, and CBG, delivering subtle notes of orange, citrus, and peach. Delta Extrax can be found in retail locations in most states.

Ozone Reserve
Ozone Reserve  (Source: Ascend)


As states continue to legalize recreational and medical cannabis, more retailers are expanding across state lines. Ascend is one of the fast-growing dispensaries that's already serving four legal-weed states, plus it's led by a savvy team of cultivators and retail experts who are active LGBTQ+-community allies.

This holiday season, locals in Ascend states can share the gift of green with Ozone-brand Sativa, Indica, or hybrid prerolls, available in single or multi-packs (price varies). Cannabis lovers rely on Ozone's seed-grown, pesticide-free American farming, and Ascend makes shopping easy to browse and order online, with daily discounts and seasonal product specials.

In addition, strain-specific cookies and moderately dosed edibles (named 1906 after the year cannabis was widely accepted as beneficial medicine) offer something for everyone interested in trying cannabis. Note: As of publication date, this gift tip is for residents of Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan and New Jersey.