Twitter Reacts to Colton Underwood's Netflix Docuseries 'Coming Out Colton'

Wednesday December 8, 2021

Colton Underwood in a scene from "Coming Out Colton."
Colton Underwood in a scene from "Coming Out Colton."  (Source:Caleb Alvarado/Netflix )

Last Friday, Netflix dropped "Coming Out Colton," the six-part docuseries that chronicles "Bachelor" star Colton Underwood's coming out journey.

Underwood made headlines throughout 2021 when he publicly came out as gay on "Good Morning America" in April. Not long after that it was revealed the athlete was recording a Netflix reality show about his experience with coming out and living life as a gay man. A trailer for the show that was recently released also teased that Underwood addresses his ex-girlfriend, "Bachelor" star Cassie Randolph, who filed a restraining order against him for alleged harassment and for putting a tracking device on her car.

It's been about a week since "Coming Out Colton" debuted and Twitter has been buzzing with reactions. On Instagram, Underwood has been talking about the show with fans and sharing their fawning reactions.

On Twitter, there have been a number of divided reactions - both positive and critical. Find some of those takes below.