Meghan McCain Shades Nonbinary Sara Ramirez on 'And Just Like That...'

Sunday December 19, 2021
Originally published on December 14, 2021

Is Meghan McCain pissed because "And Just Like That..." didn't pattern a character after herself?

On the HBO Max reboot of "Sex and the City," Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) takes part in a podcast hosted by Che Diaz, the show's first nonbinary character, played by Tony Award winner Sara Ramírez (they/them).

But apparently having one cis white woman on the podcast wasn't enough for McCain, who wrote about the show in her weekly commentary in the Daily Mail, where she complains: "One of them is — of course — queer and nonbinary. Because it's so boring and un-evolved to be a straight white woman."

Is she hinting that the character should be a "straight white woman" like herself, and not the edgy Ramirez (about the only bright spot in the otherwise dreary reboot)?

First gushing how much she loved the original, McCain isn't much of a fan of this update, and faults the show's wokeness as the problem. "I don't know who to blame, the writers of the show or this particularly stupid and repressive time we are living in."

She goes on to lambast the show, claiming the biggest problem is that its creators only pay lip service to leftist views. "It's almost if they were written into the script to satisfy the PC censors," she writes.

"There is a way to execute important cultural messages without it feeling like it is being force-fed, and this show — unfortunately — really, really fails at that.

"It is wokeness superficially shoved down your throat to make a point about wealthy white liberal women 'evolving' into the political climate of 2021."

She also suggests that additions like Ramírez didn't impress her, claiming the "supporting cast exhibits commendable racial and identity diversity, but we don't learn much about their characters."