Review: 'The Man With The Answers' an Engaging Queer Road-trip

by Frank J. Avella

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday January 24, 2022

Review: 'The Man With The Answers' an Engaging Queer Road-trip

In Stelios Kammitsis's engaging road trip film "The Man with the Answers," brooding twenty-something hottie Victoras (an excellent Vasilis Magouliotis) departs Greece after the death of his grandmother. On the ferry to Italy, he meets a sexy German stranger, Matias (charming Anton Weil). That first glance the dudes share will be familiar to any gay man who has ever cruised or been cruised.

The seemingly reserved Victor plays coy, but chatty, pushy Matias is not having it. He follows him out (after stealing his food), flirts with him, and manipulates his way into his car — although, subtextually, it's exactly what Victor wants. The two embark on a trip Northbound.

Where either guy is really headed becomes clear as the narrative unfolds and the two get to know each other, albeit in an often-combative manner. Victor begins to loosen up, thanks to Matias, who becomes less of a pain in the ass (if only slightly).

Although it's never spoken, one gets the sense that, up until his exposure to Matias, Victor has never really been out of his own bubble, so the road trip is a true odyssey of self-discovery for him on many different levels.

Kammitsis, with his second feature, writes exceptionally well for the screen, realizing it's a visual medium and taking advantage of that by using the lovely Greek, Italian, and Bavarian landscapes to help tell his story.

He also knows how to create true suspense and intense excitement when it comes to the steamy chemistry generated by his two leads, who do not actually come together physically until minute 53 — but when they do, it's a tremendous release. The viewer is given just enough so that we may fill in our own version of what the characters' sexual backstories may be.

The attraction grows organically, and is natural and lovely, thanks to both actors.

The final 20 minutes almost beg for a sequel, since more interesting characters are introduced.

The DVD looks and sounds excellent, and includes a winning 13-minute short by the director titled "Downhill," about a disapproving mother confronting her son's boyfriend.

"The Man with the Answers" is one of the best queer-themed films of 2021 — an exploration of love between two quite different young men who learn from one another and, in the end, have each other's backs.

DVD Extras Include:

  • Downhill, a short film by Stelios Kammitsis

  • Trailer

    "The Man with the Answers" is currently available on DVD.

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