Just Playing or Something More? 'Euphoria's' Dominic Fike Kisses 'Gossip Girl's' Evan Mock

Saturday February 5, 2022
Originally published on January 27, 2022

There are numerous similarities between HBO Max's reboot of "Gossip Girl" and HBO's "Euphoria" — both deal with teen angst with copious sex and drug use. But this week there was a backstage story between the two series when"Euphoria" star and singer Dominic Fike shared a photograph of him kissing "Gossip Girl "actor Evan Mock on social media.

"Taking to Instagram on Saturday (Jan 22), Dominic posted a selfie of him locking lips with Evan. The two actors have often been spotted out together and they regularly appear on each other's social media feeds. Shortly after Dominic's 'Euphoria' debut, Evan posted a screenshot of Dominic on his Instagram stories with the caption: 'imma very proud twin'," reports PopBuzz.

Neither actor has commented publicly on their sexuality or their relationship status beyond being friends. "Evan plays a queer character, Aki, in Gossip Girl but has previously asserted that he is not "gay". Dominic plays a queer character, Elliot, in 'Euphoria' but he has never publicly commented on his sexuality."

Earlier this month Fike was seen with his "Euphoria" co-star Hunter Schafer, who plays the trans character Jules, on a date in West Hollywood, leading to rumors of a relationship. "Schafer, 23, and Fike, 26, were photographed holding hands after having dinner together at the celeb-beloved restaurant The Nice Guy," reported Page Six earlier this month.

"An eyewitness claimed to the celebrity gossip Instagram account Deuxmoi that Schafer and Fike were "kissing" and "dancing" inside the hotspot, where they were joined by castmates including Jacob Elordi and Alexa Demie."

"Speaking on North Carolina public radio, PopBuzz reported, Hunter said: "I do like people to know that I'm not a cisgirl because that's not something that I am or feel like I am. I'm proud to be a trans person." 

On Twitter, many were curious about the relationships:??

Some even slut-shamed the men: