After Grammys Performance, Lil Nas X Claps Back at Right Wing TV Host's Cringe Tweet

Wednesday April 6, 2022

Lil Nas X arrives at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.
Lil Nas X arrives at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.  (Source:Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File)

Lil Nas X is firing back at a conservative TV host who shared some cringe thoughts about the out pop star's Sunday performance at the 2022 Grammy Awards.

Greg Kelly, who hosts "Greg Kelly Reports" on Newsmax, tweet that Lil Nas "has a BIG PROBLEM (And so does America) — knock yourself out NAS. You're a little FOOL with zero talent!!!!" Along with the message, Kelly shared a sexy photo of the rapper from his performance where he's seen wearing a beaded crop top.

It didn't take long before Lil Nas, who was up for five Grammys, responded to Kelly, tweeting: "damn greg all I did was wear a crop top this time," adding crying emojis.

Kelly responded back, saying it wasn't the shirt that bothered him and the "Industry Baby" rapper attempted to end the convo with an apology.

Kelly had to have the last word:

Lil Nas is used to the conservative vitriol, however. When he released the music video for his song "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" last year, conservatives were outraged over the Biblical depictions and aimed thier anger at the musician via social media. A similar situation when Lil Nas was faced with homophonic critics during the release of his "Industry Baby" music video.