EDGE Rewind: Instagram Post Teases Pic from the Set of Almodóvar's Upcoming Cowboy Film

Sunday January 29, 2023
Originally published on August 22, 2022

Manu Ríos
Manu Ríos  (Source:Instagram)

EDGE is reaching into its archive and sharing some of our favorite stories from the past.

It has been called Pedro Almodóvar's "Brokeback Mountain," though when finished it will only be a quarter of that film's length. Entitled "Strange Way of Life," the film is currently shooting in Spain with Ethan Hawke, Pedro Pascal and Manu Ríos, the 23-year-old Spanish actor best known for the Netflix series "Elite."

Spanish film magazine Fotogramas shared some pics from the set.

The Instagram post (tranlsated) said: "from @pascalispunk alongside #PedroAlmodóvar and @manurios on the set of 'Strange Way of Life' de🔥 The director prepares a western with Pascal and Ethan Hawke starring in the Desert of Taverns of Almeria"

A second post from the account featured Almodóvar flanked by Hawke and Pascal. The post (translated) said: "Ethan Hawke has already incorporated into the filming of #ExtrañaFormaDeVida 😍 This is how Agustín Almodóvar announced it on his Twitter account with this photo of the actor alongside Pedro Almodóvar and Pedro Pascal."

The French LGBTQ+ website têtu.com describes the film (tranlsated): "Sold since the beginnings of the project as Almodóvar's 'Brokeback Mountain,' this next film - which should last around thirty minutes - will tell the intertwined lives of Jake and Silva, respectively portrayed by Ethan Hawke ('Black Phone') and Pedro Pascal (['Narcos']). One is a sheriff, the other is an outlaw. But as a face-off between the two brews, their shared past threatens to surface. As for the character that Manu Ríos will play, no details have yet been revealed about him. The cowboy costume, in any case, is there."

Ríos, according to a report from PopBuzz, plays the gay character Patrick on "Elite" and Patrick is part of a same-sex throuple with Ander and Omar in the show. Off camera, Ríos "has never publicly commented on his own sexuality but he does use his platform to call out homophobic language. In 2017, he tweeted: 'people who use 'gay' as an insult are so sad lol.'"

Ríos has various projects upcoming. First, the sixth season of "Elite" should land by the end of the year on Netflix. He is also involved in a new project for the streaming giant, "El silencio," a psychological thriller where he will appear alongside his former on-screen partner, Arón Piper. That release is expected next year.

Check out these pics from Ríos' lively IG: