Watch: Do You Recognize these OnlyFans Creators in the Upcoming 'Click Boys' Doc?

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday February 24, 2023

Matthew Camp in the trailer for "Click <br>Boys"
Matthew Camp in the trailer for "Click
Boys"  (Source:YouTube)

Do you recognize any of these OnlyFans creators in the upcoming documentary "Click Boys"?

As reported by Metro, the five-part series aims to shed some light on what its like to be an LGBTQIA adult content creator by following six models and entertainers— through the good, the bad and the not so glamorous.

"Click Boys" premieres February 27 on WOW Presents Plus.

"From a former go-go dancer talking about empowerment through sexual liberation, to a proud Puerto Rican drag queen, and a Jersey-boy adult entertainer celebrating queerness through Spice Girls' 'Girl Power', the series delves into a new world," Metro reports.

The trailer for the series opens with Matthew Camp declaring, "None of us would be here if it weren't for sex."

Indeed. During lockdown, creator Lance Charger explained how the pandemic helped his content, becoming a star during lockdown.

"Covid did help a little bit, because OnlyFans and sex workers, they all just exploded and came up to the surface in such a public way," he shared.

The trailer also delves into the difficulties of life as an OnlyFans creator and some of the fears that come with it, such as it all going away.

"It always does feel as though it can all be stripped away — so it feels scary like that," said Charger.

"My abs don't get me healthcare!" erotic artist Ty Mitchell shared.

Trans star Noah Way then added, "I never considered myself particularly attractive, and I was surprised when other people viewed me that way."

Brock echoes: "Just because we do this for work doesn't mean that we are any different than we were before."

Through it all, Camp says, "You realize that if they judge me, who cares? They're not your friends anyway."

He added, "I think it's one of the most empowering things that I've ever done. It cannot be emphasised enough what a powerful tool this is."

See the trailer below.