Watch: Timothée Chalamet Makes History As British Vogue's First Solo Male Cover Star

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Saturday October 1, 2022
Originally published on September 15, 2022

Timothée Chalamet has just made history as the first male solo cover star in British Vogue's 106-year history, and he sat down with Editor-in-Chief Edward Enninful to talk about the honor.

As reported by British Vogue, the "Dune" and "Wonka" star has been steadily building his reputation as a fashion icon, recently baring his back at Venis Film Festival premiere of "Bones & All."

But in true Chalamet fashion, he feels all deeply conflicted and complicated about it all.

"I had a delusional dream in my early teenage years to have, in my late teenage years, an acting career," he told British Vogue. "And in my late teenage years, working on 'Homeland' and starting to do theatre in New York, I felt like I reduced my goal to something more realistic, which was to work in theatre and hopefully make enough money doing either a TV show or something I could sustain myself [with]."

He added, "And then it felt like every dream came true, exponentially. And then life is moving at six million miles per hour."

And the public has been along for the arrive, with audiences fanning over Chalamet's performances in "Call Me By Your Name," "Little Women" and "Beguiled."

For the cover spread, Chalamet donned some vastly different looks that all had a tinge of rockstar to them, including leather pants and a colored bed hair.

He has, of course, had to slow down with COVID-19 hitting, but he says it has opened up unique opportunities for him to grow.

"When Covid hit, it required me to take a step back," Chalamet said. "[Everyone has to] deal with, like, taxes and the dentist and real adulting, you know? I should have been trying to get my adult feet under myself a little bit earlier than I did."

He added, "I found myself having to really, you know, be honest with myself that where I've been able to get myself to in life was balls to the wall, like throwing everything at [it] at a young age that, by some miracle, got me to where I am. But to then transition to an adulting mindset."

That's not to say the Wonka star hasn't always felt like an old soul. Indeed, he has.

"The perspective that feels 'old man,' I feel like I was born with it," he said, later explaining it as "the empath thing, the thinking for everyone in the room, the sort of misplaced idea, this sort of illusion, of control based on trying to feel for everyone."

The complete interview with Chalamet is really a fascinating read, especially if you're a fan of his work. In a video interview with EIC Enninful, Chalamet delves even deeper about how he chooses his roles and his fandom.

"I feel like early on in my career, I just wanted to work on things that were great, regardless of the size of the role," he explained. "And it often meant working with a great director. I guess I'm trying to go where it's not obvious to go."

About being a part of the celebrity zeitgeist, Chalamet said: "That's scary as f***."

Watch the interview below.