Beverly Hills Cop 3-Movie Collection

by Derek Deskins

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Tuesday January 14, 2020

There seems like no better example of the power of Eddie Murphy in the '80s than "Beverly Hills Cop." Having won over audiences as a player on "Saturday Night Live," Murphy had already shown that he could hang in movies as well. But while both "48 Hrs" and "Trading Places" were successes, both financially and critically, it wasn't until "Beverly Hills Cop" that Murphy got to show how well he could carry a movie all on his own. His first starring vehicle, it smashed box office records and proved that Murphy's humor, alongside his specific brand of charm, could sell tickets.

The trilogy follows Detroit cop Axel Foley as he applies his own style of police work to high profile crimes. Each film finds a different reason that Axel must venture to Beverly Hills to thwart some new murderous scheme, always knocking heads with the tight collared establishment of the wealthy area of California. While the "Beverly Hills Cop" franchise does prove the law of diminishing returns, watching Murphy's streetwise Axel Foley make fools of rich people, villains, and otherwise always manages to entertain.

To watch the original "Beverly Hills Cop" is to watch an artist in full control of his craft. It is the purest version of Murphy's comedy outside of his stand-up. His perpetually fast-talking style and ability to make a joke out of any person he meets is a talent that few, if any others possess. It's a masterclass in action-comedy, in establishing oneself as a star, and the fact that he did this at 23 is mindblowing. Sure, the second film doesn't give much of a reason to exist outside of more time with Axel, but when it's this much fun, that's fine with me. And maybe we just don't talk about "Beverly Hills Cop III."

The release of the "Beverly Hills Cop Trilogy" isn't really here to offer up much in the way of special features. In fact, there are no special features included with "Beverly Hills Cop II" or "Beverly Hills Cop III." Honestly, the absence of extras is a little weird. The only new special features are glorified music videos that aren't really worth your time. The real reason to talk about this set is to gush over its picture and audio quality. Although Paramount chose to only release these on Blu-ray and not 4K, the picture and audio quality have been upped to that caliber. Having grown up watching these movies whenever they aired on basic cable, it's amazing to see and hear them this well.

The "Beverly Hills Cop Trilogy" release isn't exactly tripping over itself to entice you to buy. But for fans of the franchise looking for the best looking and sounding versions of these movies, it's a must-own.

"Beverly Hills Cop Trilogy"