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15 Cops and a Taser Needed to Subdue Masturbating Meth-Head


EDGE Media Network Contributor

Friday December 27, 2013

"The tina made me do it!" could very well be the watchcry of an Oregon man accused of a bizarre methamphetamine-fueled chain of events that led him to being subdued by 15 officers in a Salem bar Sunday, while defiantly masturbating.

As reported by, according to Marion County Sherrif's office officials, It took a taser and 15 officers to subdue Andrew Frey, 37, of Beaverton inside of Iggy's Bar and Grill in nearby Salem.

According to Oregon Live, the erratic chain of events that lead to Frey's arrest began at 1PM in the afternoon when local authorities received reports of a man acting bizarrely. The man, who has been identified as Andrew Frey, 37, or Beaverton, allegedly refused to pay a locksmith he called to work at his house.

According to police reports, Frey then headed to the nearby Brook's Market and Deli, where an employee had to escort him from the premises after he refused to leave. It was then that Frey headed to Iggy's Bar & Grill where he exposed himself to a bartender and started masturbating. By the time a Marion County deputy arrived, the still masturbating Frey had moved from the bar to the restroom.

Flash Alert reports that Deputy Peter Walker, who was first to arrive on the scene attempted to arrest Frey, who continued to rub one out while resisting the officer. Walker then used his Tazer on Frey to subdue him without success.

While Deputy Walker was out of police radio reach in the men's room with the self-pleasuring suspect, the 911 dispatcher called for immediate cover. Within a very short while, 15 police officers from Salem, Keizer and Marion County responded to the call and arrived at Iggy's where it took several of them to get subdue Frey.

According to UPI , Frey was taken to Salem Memorial Hospital for evaluation, where he admitted that he had used methamphetamine earlier in the weekend and said he had no memory of the events that led to his arrest.

Frey was charged with robbery, resisting arrest and public indecency.