Tatted Ex-Adult Film Star Runs for Scottish Parliament as Anti-Porn Candidate

Monday April 5, 2021

Philipp Tanzer
Philipp Tanzer  (Source:Instagram/@philipptanzer)

German-born Philipp Tanzer recently announced his candidacy for the British parliament as the Scottish Family Party regional list candidate for the Highlands and Islands in the May Holyrood election, reported the Scottish newspaper the Boss-Shire Journal.

Why Tanzer's candidacy is making news is because of his other identity — Logan McCree, the tatted gay performer from a decade ago. "Tanzer, who made a number of gay porn flicks with Raging Stallion and other studios, won awards while working in the adult industry, including a Grabby and a GayVN award," ENM wrote in 2016.

"Mr. Tanzer ditched adult acting to work as a fireman in tiny Highland village Durness - and has become a popular figure locally since moving there in 2012," writes the Scottish Sun.

But he is doing so as a member of the conservative Scottish Family Party — a right wing group that has been involved in a number of controversies, most recently two years ago when they were axed from hosting an event at an Aberdeen hotel after threatened boycotts. The party, according to a report from the Aberdeen newspaper the Evening Express, at the time that the SFP "has been mired in controversy in recent years for its fervent support of pro-life causes, along with its opposition to homosexuality and feminism, has now had to cancel the event."

The Scottish newspaper Hebrides News described the party this way: "The Scottish Family Party says it has a stance of pro-family, pro-marriage, pro-life, pro-freedom of speech, and anti-identity politics.

"The party 'values the complementary contributions of men and women and recommends schools refocus on education instead of social engineering, radical gender ideology and political moulding.'"

"The Scottish Family Party best represent my views on life and society," McCree said, according to the Daily Mail. "One of the main reasons to run for the Scottish Family Party has been my experience and helping people learn from it."

Whether McCree agrees or disagrees with the party's views on homosexuality isn't known, but one subject he addresses is pornography, rather — despite his career — his opposition to it.

"Launching his political campaign, the former porn star is now warning of the negative effects pornography has on adults and children as he revealed he lost five friends in the industry to suicide and drugs," writes the Daily Mail.

"I had a negative view of the pornographic industry even before I joined it, but I needed the money," he said.

"In one year I lost five friends in the industry to suicide and drug overdoses. I have seen the harm porn addiction can do. Not all my experiences with it have been negative though - I met some wonderful people."

He continued: "Porn is not a men's problem. Both boys and girls consume pornography and both suffer under its impact."

Adding: "Pornography should be treated like alcohol and nicotine, especially when addressed in education. The dangers need to be highlighted and the current sex education is doing the opposite."

"Mr. Tanzer is now in a relationship with a woman and has started chatting to her about 'marriage and starting a family,'" writes the Scottish Sun.

Asked about his sexual orientation, he said: "When I was younger I was not clear what path I would take. I was pushed into identifying myself as something at the age of 32 that I was not."

He's also worked as an artist, hairdresser and massage therapist, and even had a stint as a medic in the German army, adds the Scottish Sun.

When he became a firefighter in 2016, the Scottish Sun interviewed some of his co-workers at the time, including James Keith, 49, who told the newspaper the town has welcomed the former porn star.

"I'm one of his work mates - but not in a film capacity obviously," he said. "We would all have preferred it if he was a female porn actress. But he is what he is. We asked him because he's a young fit bloke. We need young fit men or women. None of us have a problem with his past.

"I haven't seen any of his movies, but apparently he's very good. He's just Philipp. He's a damn fine guy," Keith added.

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