Amid Sexual Assault Allegations, Director Chi Chi LaRue Suspended from Adult Male Studio

Thursday June 25, 2020

After allegations of sexual assault from an adult performer, Chi Chi LaRue has been suspended from directing duties at the adult male studio Noir Male.

In a statement to the website Str8UpGayPorn (NSFW), which reports on the gay porn industry, Mile High Media (the studio's parent company) Vice President Jon Blitt said the company "is suspending all future contracts with LaRue's production company."

"Mile High was made aware of allegations of misconduct by one of our independent third-party producers, Chi Chi LaRue LLC, that may be in violation to our zero tolerance policy. In light of these allegations, Mile High is suspending all future contracts with LaRue's production company, pending an independent investigation into these allegations. At the conclusion of that investigation, a final decision will be made, based on the validity of the allegations in question. We do not tolerate misconduct on the part of anyone involved with our associated production projects, and take these matters very seriously."

LaRue, born Larry David Paciotti, has been an iconic figure in the gay adult industry for 30 years, having directed numerous films for Channel One Releasing, All Worlds, Falcon Studios and more. He is also a well-known celebrity in the LGBTQ community as a drag queen, DJ and event host.

What prompted the move from the company are accusations made by adult performer Papi Suave. In a video posted to Twitter, he says LaRue asked him to his hotel room under false pretense in 2019, then allegedly sexually assaulted him.

LaRue has denied Suave's account of the alleged incident.

"Chi Chi LaRue loves to act that she loves Black people and she's not racist, even though she doesn't like to pay Black performers what they deserve but is more than happy to profit off of them," he says in the video where he appears naked. "On top of the fact that she likes to victimize herself because she abuses alcohol and used that as a reason to lure me into her hotel room telling me she needed a friend, she sexually assaults me with promises that she's going to make me a star."

Click here to watch his NSFW video, in which he also calls out Raging Stallion director Steve Cruz, performer Cutler X, and the subscription website OnlyFans, telling viewers, "Do not allow these people to fuck you over."

Interviewed by the Str8UpGayPorn (NSFW), Suave goes into further detail about the alleged incident, which he said made him very uncomfortable, adding that he came to LaRue as a concerned friend.

LaRue responded to Suave's allegations in a statement posted on the adult male website The Sword (NSFW):

"I saw Papi Sauve's Twitter video. I am embarrassed and honestly blindsided that he would share his account of something that happened between us, and we worked through, over a year ago," he said. "On the night Papi talks about, it's true that I was depressed and drinking excessively. I did ask him to come over because I was in desperate need of a friend.

"There was no ulterior motive in doing so. I do not remember the events playing out exactly as he describes, but I do remember that it became awkward when I expressed feelings for him that he did not share. We talked about it later and I offered my sincere apology, which he accepted," he continued. "Since then, Papi is someone that I have cast and employed extensively, both as a performer and PA. Outside of work we kept in contact regularly. I booked him to dance at my ManCandy party and we often exchanged very friendly text messages. He was aware of my personal struggles and always listened with a kind ear. I consider him a good friend.

"Personally, I have always advocated for the rights of models. In my thirty-six year career in the adult industry, I've never used my position for sex, and that certainly wasn't my intent that night," LaRue went on to say. "It was naive of me to think that what I felt was an off-set personal relationship wouldn't be clouded by our work together. This is my failing for which I accept full responsibility. I am now fourteen months sober and I still have more work to do, one day at a time.

"Please do not victim-blame or shame Papi on social media. I am incredibly sorry about what happened, and wish him the best in all his endeavors," he added.

LaRue has had a long and public battle with addiction, including a stint in rehab in 2015 for which he used a GoFundMe campaign to pay for and addressed in a Facebook video. Two years later, in 2017, The Huffington Post reported on LaRue's sobriety.

The incident happened at a California bowling alley/hotel called Winnetka Bowl in March, 2019.

Suave has appeared in a number of scenes at Raging Stallion and Noir Male in the past few years.

"Pending Mile High's final decision," Str8UpGayPorn writes (NSFW), "it's not immediately clear if another director and crew will be replacing LaRue at Noir Male (and sister studio Icon Male, where LaRue also directed), but given current COVID-19 shutdowns, most porn productions are already on hold right now."