Watch: Cazwell Takes Another Ride on His 'Ice Cream Truck' with New Hotties

Monday September 21, 2020

It's been a decade since LGBTQ singer and activist Cazwell released his video "Ice Cream Truck." A lot has happened in that 10 years — gay marriage, Trump, COVID-19, to name a few; but Cazwell looks pretty much the same and is celebrating the anniversary with a new take on the song.

The 2020 version is a re-recording with a new sound produced by Caz and Vjuan Allure.
The futuristic Candy Land themed video was created by Director Connor Catalano (IG @vessel.xi) whom Cazwell brought on board for his cyber sexy cinematography.

Cazwell was determined to have his video open up with rarely seen trans male representation. Artist and trans activist, Ezra Michel kicks it off by playing the opening drum line beat. The video has a handful of hotties from the original "Ice Cream Truck" video from 2010 like Geronimo Frias and Alex Maravilla, plenty of new studs and an abundance of butt cheeks.

A screenshot from Cazwell's "Ice Cream" video.

"Cazwell's latest creation is guaranteed to pull you out of your 2020 rut, even if it's just two and a half minutes!" his press release adds.

"Ice Cream Truck 2020" is on Cazwell's label SnowCone NYC.

Watch the video below: