Every Time I Think of You

by Christopher Verleger

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday April 4, 2012

Every Time I Think of You

Author Jim Provenzano's enchanting fourth novel, "Every Time I Think of You," introduces the unlikeliest of couples, working-class Reid and privileged Everett, who embark upon an enlightening albeit turbulent romantic adventure that reminds the reader of the age-old saying, 'love conquers all'.

Nothing about Reid and Everett is especially traditional. Their courtship-if you can call it that-consists of a chance meeting after the two spot each other in a wooded area that separates their homes and respective neighborhoods. Not only do sparks fly during their first encounter, but from then on the two 17-year-olds act like they've know each other forever-as though they had essentially been waiting to find each other.

Reid and Everett's story takes place in 1979, yet despite the absence of all the modern day distractions that commonly take their toll upon gay romances (AIDS and the internet, for instance), the couple still falls victim to their share of drama, primarily because these young men are from different worlds, literally and figuratively.

Fundamental differences aside, the two are put to the ultimate test when a near-fatal accident leaves Everett physically and emotionally broken. The pages turn quickly and effortlessly as the reader breathlessly anticipates whether or not the boys, now freshmen in college, are strong or mature enough to face this seemingly insurmountable obstacle together.

With Reid and Everett, the author has created two counterparts that complement each other beautifully. Their romance, simple and pure, yet heated and passionate, is strikingly genuine. Furthermore, they're both likable, so much so that the reader can't help but cheer for them.

Even the most jaded among us will experience a renewed faith in love and romance after reading Jim Provenzano's Lambda-nominated, "Every Time I Think of You."

Every Time I Think of You

Jim Provenzano

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