PopUps: O-Town's Ashley Parker Angel Shocks Fans with Leggings Pic

Tuesday May 15, 2018

Ashley Parker Angel
Ashley Parker Angel  (Source:Instagram / @ashley_parker_angel)

Ashley Parker Angel, best known for being part of the early 2000s boyband O-Town, has gone on to become of Instagram's best thirst traps. He's no stranger to posting shirtless selfies or nearly-nude photos while pushing vitamins or fitness/wellness products.

But the singer/actor put the social media site's rules to the test with a new pic featuring tight leggings. Angel, 36, shared a pic of himself actually fully clothed, posing in a pink t-shirt and leggings. For his caption, he wrote: "The question that divides us all... over OR under on the toilet paper roll? Tell me below I'm chatting #Day79 #100DaysOfFitness #SorryForTheShittyCaption #GetIt?."

What his 252,000 Instagram followers seemed to notice, however, was the singer's tight leggings that show off his massive bulge.

"But hey....let's talk about those pants....... all about the under!" one commenter wrote.

"This post is about anything but toilet paper," another fan noticed.

"You should make an account at OnlyFans.com," one follower suggested.

Check out the eye-popping pic below, along with some other Angel highlights.


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