Report: Here's Why RuPaul Quit Social Media

Saturday August 15, 2020

It's been several months since RuPaul has been active on social media. After months of silence (no mention of support for Black Lives Matter or promotion for "Drag Race" Season 12 or "All Stars" Season 5) Ru deleted his Twitter account and scrubbed his Instagram clean in July. But now we might have an answer as to why Ru has stepped out of the virtual spotlight.

Page Six is reporting that Ru wasn't hacked but wanted to "disengage" and is keeping a low profile during these politically charged times.

"The truth is things like Black Lives Matter is overwhelming for someone like Ru. He gets backlash for appearing to not ... support the community and [he receives] a lot of negativity, so he disengages," a source told the newspaper.

A second source also confirmed to Page Six that the Emmy Award-winning host is laying low but added that it isn't related to the BLM movement. Fans have called out Ru and "Drag Race" over its lack of diversity but the source said "First of all, the host of our show is black, gay, and a drag queen ... we're pretty diverse. Yes, there are lots of different types of people here."

The first source went on to say that Ru has been disinterested with the contestants on "Drag Race."

"He should be called 'Rude Paul.' She hates drag queens and is extremely rude to them. You're not allowed to talk to him unless told to. You can't call him, 'Hey gurl.' No one can call him, 'Mama Ru.' None of that. He is not your friend. You cannot make small talk," they told Page Six.

Nevertheless, a source told the outlet Ru isn't rude or hating on the performers on "Drag Race."