Watch: Randy Rainbow Addresses Old, Resurfaced Tweets Again: 'I Am in No Way Racist or Transphobic'

Tuesday August 25, 2020

YouTube star and political satirist Randy Rainbow is again apologizing for old racist and transphobic tweets which recently resurfaced. Stopping by "Good Day LA" to address the controversy, Rainbow said writing the tweets — some dating as far back as 2010 — "was a mistake."

"I have apologized for these jokes. They were a decade old and I apologize again happily, thank you for the opportunity," he told hosts Araksya Karapetyan and Tony McEwing.

"First of all, I am in no way racist or transphobic. I am quite the opposite of those things," Rainbow went on to say. "These were jokes that were tweeted a decade ago at a time when politically incorrect humor, for better or worse, was mainstream and I was an aspiring comedian in my 20s. I was searching for my comedic persona and I was emulating styles that I saw on television and in the comedy world around me. I was trying very deliberately to be provocative and edgy and it was a mistake."

"But I quickly evolved with the times and began using my platform the way I do now and have for many years which is to call out actual racism and bigotry and speak truth to power and shine a light on issues that I feel demand our attention," Rainbow went on to say. "So these were really crappy, offensive jokes from 10 years ago and they did not align with my integrity, they do not align with my real body of work and they are certainly not a reflection of who I am."

"Good Morning LA" host Tony McEwing then said some of Rainbow's now-deleted jokes "targeted Jews...and you're Jewish."

"I'm a gay Jew from New York there's not an ounce of intolerance in me that's kind of how it is," Rainbow said.

He added: "I am known for doing satire; this was the kind of satire at its lowest form that I was experimenting with in those days and it turns out there's no place for that kind of humor and that's why I have stopped expressing myself in those ways. I stopped many years ago and would never choose to put humor like that out today."

In the rest interview, Rainbow talks about his Emmy nominations and his latest YouTube video about Kamala Harris.

This is the second time Rainbow has apologized for the tweets. Last week, it was reported that he spoke with the Advocate, saying that the tweets "made me sick to my stomach, in fact, and I deeply apologize to anyone I offended."

"I tweeted some jokes that were completely offensive and insensitive to look back on them now, especially with no context or nuance and through the prism of where we are in 2020 with racial inequality and the fight for social justice, which I'm proudly a part of," he added.

Watch Rainbow on "Good Morning LA" below.