Trey Tucker: He Came Out of the Water in a Speedo & World Took Notice

Thursday April 8, 2021

Trey Tucker
Trey Tucker  (Source:Instagram)

The trending, new-to-Netflix film "What Lies Below" has left many confused; but one thing that is not confusing is the hunk status of its male lead, actor Trey Tucker.

"Originally released on-demand in December 2020, 'What Lies Below' stars Ema Horvath as a teenage girl named Libby, who is growing more and more suspicious of her mom's weird new boyfriend. (Tucker) Sure, he's hot, but he's also way too obsessed with fish," wrote Decider. As it turns out, Tucker's character is too good to be true, but you will need to watch the film to find out why.

Trey Tucker in "What Lies Below"  (Source: Netflix)

But who is Trey Tucker? In an interview with Ain't It Cool News, he explained coming to acting after a career in IT. "I was a coder. I wrote software for several years, and then I finally just decided that I hated doing that, at least on its own. I had enough people telling me, 'You should give the modeling and the acting stuff a go.' I loved performing as a kid. I grew up doing church plays and school plays and the whole bit, and it just kind of came back into interest. I decided it was something I would love to really give a solid go. And here we are."

What is turning out to be the image that is leading Tucker to trend on social media has him coming out the water in a Speedo. Filming it was also Tucker's most memorable moment while making the film, as he told AMFM Magazine. "Coming out of the water almost naked in 39-degree water. That was fun. That was terrific. I wish I could do that all of the time. But overall, everybody showed up to work and really wanted to make a good movie, but it was quite playful and quite fun. Even when you're coming out of the water and it's 39 degrees and you have to do that over and over again for an hour and a half, it still would end up being fun because I'm playfully yelling at the director that now he owes me two bottles of Scotch. 'Hey Trey, can we do one more?' Alright, that's three bottles of Scotch. It was very easy to keep it lighthearted, so it was fun in that way."

To do the scene, he had to get in shape following some simple rules. "Work harder and don't eat — that would be about it. [Laughs] It's a lot about honing in your diet, and I got a lot of help from my brother [Reidland Tucker], who I know you know that has a fitness business. Then a lot of YouTube and just getting in there and staying in there until you don't want to and staying a little longer. That's really it."

The 6'3" actor is currently in Atlanta, where he's filming the new Starz eight-hour series "Heels," set in the world of professional wrestling. On the show "Tucker will play Bobby Pin, a pure-hearted Texan who's a rookie at pro wrestling but a veteran at being a nice guy," wrote Deadline. The show, he says, "follows the roads of a small group of individuals who run and participate in a small indie wrestling league in a town here in Georgia and it follows them pursuing this small thing that they collectively love. They come from wildly different backgrounds, they have different intentions, and [it] follows their journey and efforts. I play a guy named Bobby Pin, who is a guy from Texas who is kind of a newbie, a sweetheart that has to learn the ropes. His learning curve is a fun, humorous one to watch. So far, we're all very proud of the work that we've been doing. We feel like it's something special and believe it will be."

One place, though, where you won't find much of Tucker is on social media and prefaces his Instagram account stating, "I hate doing this, but I'm told it's important for work." Though he may not be a fan of posting on the social media app, the actor keeps his page active to support his career and connect with his fans.

Here are some pics from his IG:

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