New Video Shows Ezra Miller Misgendered During Arrest: 'I'm Not a Sir'

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Tuesday May 17, 2022

Ezra Miller's mug shot after their recent arrest in Hawaii
Ezra Miller's mug shot after their recent arrest in Hawaii  (Source:Hawaii Island Police)

Police video shows actor Ezra Miller telling officers in Hawaii that addressing them as "sir" constitutes a federal hate crime, TMZ reported.

The interaction took place during Miller's arrest in Hilo, Hawaii, last March, TMZ detailed, when they were taken into custody for disorderly conduct after allegedly harassing patrons at a bar.

"The footage starts with Miller in handcuffs complaining of pain in their wrists, and telling cops they need to be careful, as Ezra's a musician and any damage to the nerves in their wrists could be catastrophic to their music career," TMZ detailed.

The newly released body cam footage shows Miller — who plays The Flash in DC Comics films — being taken to the station after their arrest. When an officer addresses them as "sir," Miller responds, "I'm not a sir, I am transgender nonbinary. Please do not refer to me as sir," UK newspaper the <;link||Daily Mail said>.

When the officer responds, "Okay, I was just trying to be respectful," Miller fires back with dubious legal advice:

"If you fail to do that again that is an act of intentional bigotry and it is a technical hate crime according to U.S. Federal Law," Miller said. Then they went on to add: "Please call me they/them/theirs. You can use the term '[Mx.]'"

Elsewhere in the video Miller claims that their alleged harassment of at least one bar patron was self defense, contending that they were "assaulted for NFT crypto art," and .

The Daily Mail said that Miller also insists in the video that, being transgender and nonbinary, they should not be searched by a male officer. They also claim that the officer searching them is touching their private parts, and they plead for an item of jewelry not to be taken from them: "The Flash ring means a lot to me. It's very valuable."

Miller's role as the super-fast superhero in the DC Comics films is also potentially quite valuable and lucrative should the films continue, but their place in that franchise is not assured following the March arrest and other instances when they have run afoul of the authorities in Hawaii, the Daily Mail noted.

Shortly after the arrest at the bar, Miller was accused of threatening a couple who had stepped up to bail them out. Mere weeks later, Miller was arrested on an assault charge after striking a woman in the head with a thrown chair, leaving her with a cut measuring half an inch.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. executives were reportedly deliberating about Miller's continued involvement with the superhero movies. Miller, 29, is set to appear as the titular character in 'The Flash,' scheduled for a 2023 release. "However, the actor's legal troubles and documented public outbursts have caused concern," EDGE said at the time.

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